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Facebook’s Testing a New ‘Favorites’ Friend Listing for Facebook Stories

Facebook is reportedly testing out a new option which would allow users to share their Facebook and Messenger Stores with smaller, selected group of friends as opposed to all of their connections.

Furthermore, the option would provide a new ‘Favorites’ list option for you to share your Stories. Tap on the Favorites listing and you would be able to select users to include on the list. Actually, this option is quite similar to Instagram Close Friends list sharing option. The sample shown as below.

source: SocialMediaToday

That seems to align more with the broader usage of Stories as a more private option – the format originated from Snapchat, where communication with your closest connections is the focus. 

From a brand perspective, the option could also provide a way to share with selected users, and help to build engagement with key advocates.

Moreover, Facebook do added a similar option with Top Fans as a targeting tool for Facebook Page posts in June.

source: SocialMediaToday

You could look to use this function in the same way, providing exclusive Stories content for chosen members of your community, adding a level of exclusivity which could help to foster brand loyalty.

There’s no word on any official release, or how the functionality would work (for example, could those on that initial ‘Favorites’ list then re-share the story from their profiles?), but it could be another element to watch in 2020 as a potential addition to your Stories strategy. 

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