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Big Domain Is Offering WordPress Toolkit Deluxe Now

Big Domain Is Offering WordPress Toolkit Deluxe Now

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Big Domain Is Offering Wordpress Toolkit Deluxe Now

Web hosting consider one of the most important aspects of any successful website, but it is frequently overlooked. The right WordPress Hosting can help you optimized your website, which helps boost your SEO and sales. At Big Domain, all our WordPress Speedo Cloud Hosting and WordPress Performance Hosting will have WordPress Toolkit Deluxe deluxe version ENABLED by Default. for all our customers. Others user too will also get a feel on WordPress Toolkit Deluxe until 31/Mar/2022.


In this article, we will discuss how WP Toolkit Deluxe provided by Big Domain will help to managed and optimized your website

What is WP Toolkit?

WP Toolkit is a user-friendly interface for installing, configuring, securing, updating, and managing WordPress sites. You may access this feature in WHM’s WordPress Toolkit interface once you have installed it.
WP Toolkit is available in two versions which are the standard and deluxe versions.

FeatureWordPress ToolkitWordPress Toolkit Deluxe
Customizable Installation//
Manage Existing Installations//
Website Dashboard//
Change Admin Password//
Change DB Password//
Restore Backups//
Manual Updates//
1-Click Login//
Open DB in phpMyAdmin//
Single Site Auto Updates//
Search Engine Indexing Management//
Automatic Hardening//
Password Protection//
Maintenance Mode//
Debug Management//
Plugin & Theme Sets Management /
Cloning /
Staging /
1-Click Hardening /
Mass Hardening /
Mass Updates /
Security Rollback /
Smart Updates /

The table shows the comparison between the two versions.

Advantages of WordPress Toolkit Deluxe

As mentioned before, All of Big Domain WordPress Speedo Cloud Hosting Plans are providing WP Toolkit Deluxe. WP has the same feature as the standard version, plus complex bulk management and site cloning tools that make managing large numbers of WordPress sites even faster and easier.

Staging and Smart Updates for WordPress Website

With Big Domain WP Toolkit, you can clone your site for a staging site to update your WordPress and test it out before pushing it to the Live WordPress in just a few seconds. In addition, with the intelligent updated exclusively for WP Toolkit Deluxe, the staging process to test the updates is made automatic with this feature.

Mass Security Hardening & Updates

WP Toolkit Deluxe enables the users to scan sites and selectively apply security hardening settings to multiple sites at the same time. It also allows you to edit multiple sites simultaneously. This feature allows you to apply WordPress core and plugin updates, install and uninstall plugins and themes, and adjust the automatic update settings of many websites all at the same time.

We at BigDomain believe that this enhancement will make your WordPress management easier to operate, enabling you to maintain, secure more effectively, and configure multiple sites from a single location.

In addition to that, we have another good news for you. Big Domain is now offering a 50% discount on Premium & Speedo hosting + Unlimited Bandwidth:
– Fully Hi-Perf SSD Hosting
– Speedo hosting starting with 2CPU & 4GB RAM
– Unlimited bandwidth till 31st of December 2021
– Advance cPanel Litespeed Server
– Imunify360 Malware & Firewall for WordPress and App
– 24×7 Email Technical Support

Get your WordPress Hosting with us at Big Domain now!

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