Largest Virtual Career Fair 2021 In Collaboration With PERKESO And More!

Largest Virtual Career Fair 2021 In Collaboration With PERKESO And More!

Tired of scrolling through various job platforms to hunt for jobs? Job searching is like working out. If you do it again and again, you’ll get bored. You don’t want to pin your hopes on one or two “ideal” positions, but you also don’t want to be too pessimistic about your prospects.

If you’re looking for work, it’s best to stick to a schedule of applying for open positions, so you don’t get discouraged. One of the main ways is to allocate your aside time each day to look for job opportunities. You may check the job boards once or twice a week.

If you can’t locate a job during the pandemic, don’t be scared to seek help. Colla Team by BigDomain and PYDC are in partnership with PERKESO to bring in Virtual Career Fair 2021 to accelerate the recovery of the unemployment rate. There are several benefits that you don’t want to miss from our Virtual Career Fair 2021:

More Convenient For Employers And Job Seekers

This time, employers can reach and connect a wide pool of qualified candidates. The virtual career fair meets your complete organization’s hiring demands. Virtual recruitment is a fantastic way to hire without setting up and staff a typical job fair booth.

Virtual events are more convenient for attendees as they can participate from the comfort of their own homes using their phone or laptop without having to take a long lines. 

It’s definitely more convenient in every way for both recruiters and candidates can readily interact without incurring the costs of travel, time, and other expenses.

Provide A Wide Range Of Job Opportunities for Jobseekers & Improve Employer Branding.

Job seekers will stand out and get a chance to connect with employers from all listed companies and organizations in the virtual career fair. In addition, career fairs allow attendees to learn about an organization they may not have been aware of previously. A virtual career fair is a great place to improve the employer brand and let attendees have an overview of an organization.

More Personalised Experience

Because most interactions are done one-on-one or in small groups in the virtual career fairs, recruiters can provide a more personalized experience with fellow candidates. Employers can talk to numerous applicants simultaneously and build more contacts than you could at an in-person event.

Career Counselling and Mental Health Support

If you are feeling stressed out due to Work from Home or Unemployment /Work Related Issues , feel free to visit us as we will bring in the team of to provide career and mental health counselling to assist you. 

Virtual Career Fair Invitation For Employers And Jobseekers!

Good news for employers, recruiters, job seekers, fresh graduates, students looking for a open job or internship, and all youths in Malaysia!

We cordially invite you to join this career fair and showcase your companies’ vacancies, or as job seekers, you may take this opportunity to secure a career of your choice. The virtual career fair is open to people from all over Malaysia! If you’re interested, you’re welcome to join.

The largest Virtual Career Fair 2021 in collaboration with PYDC, CollaTeam from Big Domain, PERKESO, and partnering with Penang’s major educational institutions!

Colla Team From Big Domain is honored to be one of the co-organizers in this virtual career fair. There is a career readiness workshop by 4 professional speakers in this career fair that provides exposure to potential candidates’ values and skills needed in a career. It’s believed that this career fair will be beneficial for all the candidates.

Details of the program are as follows:
This event is not only limited to Job Matching, Online Interviews; We will also be providing career assessment & counseling, live industrial talks, and fun lucky draw.

Date: 26 – 29 August 2021 (Thursday to Sunday)
Time: 10 AM – 4 PM
Fee: Free of Charge

Kindly click the link to sign up as an Employer or Jobseeker for free participation in this event, and you will be eligible for the incentive scheme Penjana Kerjaya 3.0 by PERKESO.

*T&C Apply.

We will follow up for further arrangements after receiving the details from you.

To summarize, this Virtual Career Fair 2021 will undoubtedly be beneficial to your future, so take advantage of the opportunity to discover more about organizations in your profession. Career fairs encourage you to be open to new ideas, and they may even pique your interest in a field you hadn’t considered before.

Looking for The Right Web Hosting?
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Looking for The Right Web Hosting?

There are many web hosting solutions available, each of which caters to a certain set of requirements. Storage capacity, control, technical knowledge, server speed, and reliability are all factors to consider.

Before building your first website, you should familiarise yourself with the many types of web hosting. This article will teach you what you need to know about the two web hosting alternatives available to you. Choose the type of web hosting services you want, and then pick a package that fits your requirements.


Ever heard of VPS hosting? Unexpected downtime on a website is unaffordable for small and medium-sized organisations. VPS hosting is an excellent choice for website owners who have outgrown their shared hosting plan’s resources. VPS hosting is recommended for websites that have huge files, such as videos and photos.

As your company grows, a VPS will provide you with more flexibility and scalability. Furthermore, the inexpensive cost of a VPS makes it a viable alternative for almost any business. A virtual private server is a good option if you require a hosting solution for your business.


Cloud web hosting is similar to a hybrid version of a virtual private server (VPS), but it is much more affordable. Your website will have higher uptime rates and less unexpected downtime with cloud servers. For medium and large business websites that are rapidly growing, cloud hosting is the best alternative.

It is effortless to use and does not necessitate technical knowledge. The benefit of cloud-based web hosting is its scalability. It enables you to add extra servers when your site becomes busy and lower the servers’ number when traffic drops.

Still unsure which plan to go for? As previously stated, Big Domain offers both a starting plan and a premium plan for cloud web hosting services. Contact us today.

Click here for more information about cPanel cloud hosting,  visit this page for more information about VPS server

Do not hesitate to Whatsapp us at for further assistance.

Email Security VS Work From Home
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Email Security VS Work From Home

On 3rd July 2021, BigDomain had its Live event talking about Remote Working Transformation: How to Avoid Email Spam. It is about how working from home has changed the corporate culture and the importance of email security when every working adult depends on email daily.

Here are some of the recaps from the event. For the full version, you can visit here to get the visual and aural experiences. 


With working from home in place across the nation, spam mail and phishing emails appear daily in your mailbox, as Payment Confirmation, unexpected fake prizes and lottery scam. These are the common scam that people are facing nowadays.

Imagine you have 100 emails coming in per day (big businesses might have astronomical figures, but we tone it down here). There might be 60% promotional advertising mail, and 10-30% are from scammers and spammers. 

Employers and employees have hundreds or even thousands of emails every day to check. When the time is limited and precious, people will not pay too much attention to the legibility of email. They would be eager to open the email to check whether their colleagues or clients respond to their queries.

When you receive the least protection, scammers will use email communications to obtain your personal information.

Therefore, email security is actually very important for you while you are working from home.

Email Security knowledge: How To Spot A Phishing Email

When many people think that small businesses and companies are prone to email phishing and scams due to the lack of security, you have no idea how famous brands are once the victims too.

In 2017, BBC reported that Google and Facebook had lost 100 million because of being hacked. You can understand how a small hacker can cost tremendous financial loss for businesses. No matter how prepared you claim to be, when there is a will, there is a way to hack into the security, no matter how sophisticated and complicated your technology has.

They may attempt to steal passwords, account numbers, or your personal data. They might get access to your email, bank account, or other accounts if they obtain such information. Every day, scammers conduct hundreds of phishing assaults like this, and they are usually successful. 

Phishing emails may appear to be from a firm you are familiar with or trust. They may appear to be from a bank, credit card business, social networking site, online payment website or app, or online retailer.

Phishing emails usually fabricate a story to mislead you to click on links or open files. They might claim that

  • your payment cannot go through and ask for another price again
  • there is a giveaway that requires your personal information to proceed
  • your account has been disabled, and you need to change your current username and password

These are some of the signs of rubbish email and phishing email. Here is a real-life phishing email example.

Email Security VS Work From Home 3

Above is an email sample we got from a Japanese client. Do you spot any sign that might indicate it as a scam? Let’s have a closer look. 

This email is trying to imitate a trusted company you may know: Amazon. 

While this email appears to be genuine at first sight, it is not. Scammers that send emails like this have no affiliation with the companies they claim to represent. They can also damage the reputation of the company they are impersonating.

Terms you need to know about email security

According to, there are few terms you may need to know for email security.

  • Email phishing – financial and business-related scam
  • Spear phishing and whaling – usually target management team, CEO executive, what we consider as high-level phishing.
  • Smishing – SMS scam 
  • Vishing – Phone scam
  • Business email compromise – CEO fraud leads to account hacking.
  • Clone phishing – one legit email sent, then a fake one s ent almost the same email about the same event, so you would not get suspicious and click inside it.
  • Evil twin phishing – Wifi hack
  • Social media, search engines, pharming

Most of the successful scammers attack the weakest chain! Imagine the whole office is operated with top-notch CCTV security with double-layered high-tech. But, there’s an issue. The office has no door – no gated security, which is the most fundamental one. Hence, the importance of a basic firewall and safety has to be focused on and emphasized.

How a Hosting Company provides email security

BigDomain has some great recommendations for businesses that can help to back up your hosting security. 

  1. cPanel anti spam (spamAssassin) 

  • Score base system 

Below 5 is fine. Score more than 5 will go to spam.

  • RBL (Real-time Blackhole Listing) 

Compare IP address for every email


The recipient would not get any email from an unofficial IP address. Impersonator email will get into the spam mail.

  1. Premium AntiSpam Corporate Level

  • Daily process (2.5 million active domains)
  • Near 100% accuracy
  • Predictive, self-learning
  • Real-time intelligent share with millions of customer
  • Not only protect incoming email but send your email via hundreds of Spam Protected IP
  • Protect IP before without getting blocklist 
  • As cheap as RM40/month (We even give trials for non-bigdomain subscribers. Whatsapp us for more info)

Bonus Tips: 

  1. Spot the email address to check for misspellings of the company name. If the name is not the name of the official company, report it as a phishing email.
  2. Do not click any link in the email address. Instead, copy and paste the link into your browser, and you can go to the official website and perform the activity directly there.


With basic email security, your employees’ productivity increases, and more time to be saved. If not, there would be an unexpected enormous financial loss that your business has to bear. If there is no primary security filter like our recommended software, there would be hundreds and thousands of emails coming into your inbox that confuses you and congest your inbox.

For further assistance, contact us now


Premium Web Hosting SALE That No One Can Resist!
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Premium Web Hosting SALE That No One Can Resist!

Your web hosting requirements will grow and get more complex as your online business grows. Free and low-cost web hosting options may have served you well during the early stages of your organization. However, if your website becomes lethargic as it grows and receives more traffic, you may need to upgrade your webserver.

Premium web hosting services provide enormous long-term benefits to both consumers and organizations. They tend to be more stable and have a better ability to manage higher levels of traffic.

Choosing a premium service can be especially advantageous if you’ve ever been faced with any of the following issues and were left to handle them on your own:

Common problems with web hosting services

  • Your website has been hacked, but even our cheapest hosting plans comes with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer), keeping your visitors’ personal information, such as credit card numbers, safe and secure.
  • The website loads slowly.
  • After a surge of traffic, your website crashed.
  • Someone else’s site caused the server to go down, taking yours down with it.

Many users of low-cost hosting services have the problems mentioned above, which is understandably irritating.

Many people who utilize cheap web hosting complain about poor site performance and load times. Even a 1-2 second delay can result in a significant drop in conversions. You may expect better site speeds with premium hosting for your e-commerce site.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of choosing Premium Hosting.

Higher Quality Support

If you ever run across technological difficulties related to web hosting, you’ll need a skilled support staff that can help you address your problems. Be rest assured as we have a tech team that will assist our fellow customers via email with hosting-related matters, e.g., technical matters for hosting. We provide 24/7 support.

Disk Support and Unlimited Bandwidth

You will get unlimited storage space as well as bandwidth with premium services. Bandwidth and disc space will always be limited to free hosting, but you will have unlimited disc space and bandwidth with premium hosting.

However, for our fellow hosting plan customers, Unlimited Bandwidth will be provided for the following 90 days, from July 1, 2021, till September 30, 2021. We’ve come out to assist our clients by providing increased bandwidth to all hosting plans to encourage online business expansion.

There are 100 Terabytes (TB) of High-Speed Bandwidth allocated every single month for this campaign. This Limitless Bandwidth campaign also applies to our most Basic plan, RM15/year hosting plan. 

Premium hosting is apparently more costly than cheap web hosting. Thus Big Domain will have a 50% sale, which will bring joy to everyone! The features listed below are exclusively available for people who are keen to choose this marvelous Premium Hosting Plan.

Get a 50% discount on Premium & Speedo Web Hosting + Unlimited Bandwidth**.

  • Fully Hi-Perf SSD Hosting
  • Speedo web hosting starting with 2 CPU & 4GB RAM
  • Unlimited bandwidth till 30th Sept
  • Advance cPanel Litespeed Server
  • Imunify360 Malware & Firewall for WordPress and App
  • 24×7 Email Technical Support



Contact us at to get the promo code and for further assistance.

Don't ever miss this .my Domain Name RM10 Giveaway Voucher!

Don't ever miss this .my Domain Name RM10 Giveaway Voucher!

You’ve probably heard of domain names like .com,.edu, What about a .my domain?

In Malaysia, MYNIC is the sole administrator of domains ending in. my. On the internet, MYNIC gives Malaysian businesses and individuals a distinct brand identification. Domain names can be registered such as .my,,,, and

For local and international businesses looking to identify themselves in Malaysia, a .my domain name is a fantastic option. Your business may give relevant and localised information about its products and services by registering a .my domain name.

Why Should you Choose a .MY Domain?

  • Improved SEO Ranking and Customer Trust

Because only lawfully registered Malaysian firms or Malaysians are eligible to register, the MY domain boosts customer trust. When someone searches for your business locally, your website’s credibility can help it rank better in local search results.

  • Your Firm will be Known in the Local Market.

The MY domain, a Malaysia country code top level domain (ccTLD), is becoming increasingly popular among registered Malaysian businesses since it represents Malaysia as a location of great economic prospects and stability.

We are now an official MYNIC reseller, as you may have noticed from our recent Facebook post. To celebrate this significant moment,

Big Domain is GIVING AWAY RM 10 Voucher for .my domain name.

All you need to do is to drop us a message to claim this fantastic voucher! So, what exactly are you waiting for? Use the promocode: celebratemy to GRAB it, ITS ALL YOURS!

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.com Domain Name Price Rises for First Time since 2012
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.com Domain Name Price Rises for First Time since 2012

When it comes to businesses and brands, a website is one of the utmost factors to make your company make or break. Domain .com [(dot)com] has been the most popular domain name chosen among all. Since .com is easier to remember and internationally recognizable, it’s time for a change – its price. 

Start from september, .com domain name price will rise to 7%

For the first time since 2012, the wholesale price of .com registrations, transfers, and renewals will rise later this year. Investors in Domains and customers with extensive portfolios of Domains should plan.

From September 2021, the price of the .com website will increase, ranging from RM5 to RM10. This might be a shock for some buyers and current subscribers.

It shouldn’t be a surprise since many small businesses and entrepreneurs have turned to online channels to sell their products and services. It has high demand currently, not only in Malaysia but the whole world products and services.

Some foreseers predict that the price of a .com domain name will even go up by 7% for the coming 3 years.

BUT, HOLD ON! Don’t panic because we also have good news for you. 

There’s a twist & benefit for our constant supporters and subscribers – YOU! 

You can do advance renewal for .com domain name before our price increment is implemented. You get to renew your .com domain for up to 10 years. So that you would have no worries about the future increment price or inflation rate. 

NOW is a good time for the domain owners to review their portfolios and think about registering your domain names ahead of time.

Regrister your .com domain name with us now!

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Get your .my Domain Name today! BigDomain becomes MYNIC’s Official Reseller!

Get your .my Domain Name today! BigDomain becomes MYNIC’s Official Reseller!

BigDomain is Now Officially MYNIC Reseller

Domain name is very important for SMEs. As a small business or entrepreneur in Malaysia, if you haven’t heard of MYNIC, you definitely need to catch up with the world and stay in the loop.

MYNIC is the sole administrator for website addresses that end with .my in Malaysia. MYNIC provides Malaysian organisations and interested individuals their unique brand identity online as the national level domain name. They have a wide range of domain names, such as .my,,, and so on.

BigDomain is proud to announce that we have become MYNIC’s Official Reseller! Hooray! We are their officially appointed partners among other digital solutions companies. You can purchase .my domain names with Bigdomain.

Get your .my Domain Name today! BigDomain becomes MYNIC’s Official Reseller! 10

And, what’s more, we have a FREE Giveaway for you, as we are too excited about this collaboration. Read on and find out how you can benefit from it! 

What’s so important about .my domain name

If you are a fellow Malaysian, do not tell me you have no idea what .my domain name is. Other countries have their unique identity for them like .sg, .uk etc.

.my domain name is the domain name that differentiates our country from other countries. Local brands and businesses are using this domain name so that locals and international visitors know they are visiting a Malaysia domain website. As for some global brands, they might use or .my to cater different domains for different target audiences around the world, like Malaysia. 

Using the right domain name and category can make a positive and lasting impression on your business website or email. These are the few reasons why you need a .my domain NOW more than ever: 

It Represents your Business Identity and Credibility

Customers can recognise your domain as a Malaysian-based company or brand. 

Secure Your Domain Name

If you cannot get your desired .com extension, you can secure your domain name in .my extension. 

DNS Management 

You can manage your DNS records freely and choose

It’s Domain Name GIVEAWAY TIME

We mention how thrilling we are to become one of MYNIC resellers.

To celebrate #bigdomain become MYNIC reseller, we will 𝗚𝗜𝗩𝗘 𝗔𝗪𝗔𝗬 100x RM10 voucher for .MY Domain Name❗❗🔥

Get your .my Domain Name today! BigDomain becomes MYNIC’s Official Reseller! 12

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Terms & Conditions

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– Each of these vouchers can be used to discount on top of our existing Promo price on website

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