Bigdomain WordPress Malware Cleaning

The Only WordPress Security Plugin with Instant WordPress Malware Removal

Malware 1 Malaysia Domain &Amp; Hosting

Bigdomain WordPress Malware Cleaning

The Only WordPress Security Plugin with Instant WordPress Malware Removal


Clean your website within 24 hours

Many WordPress Users get hacked, and malware issues. We will scan, remove infected files and harden your website within 24 hours and provide you continuous protection up to 1 year.

Your SEO immediately Affected if you website is hacked and blacklisted

Bigdomain Malaysia use technology with latest algorithms go detect even the most complex hacks that generally cannot be detected by most plugin

Website Protect

We don't Break Your Website

Bigdomain carefully remove the remaining of the malware codes and we do not delete the entire website or files. We reduce the risk of breaking your website and this process complete within 24 hours period.

There's more than just Security

BigDomain Provide complete managed Services for:
  1. Website Owners
  2. Web Developers
  3. Digital Agency / Resellers

Checkout our Complete WordPress Managed Services that provide Backup and Security Protection all year long to keep your peace of mind
Shield Protection

We provide

Cloud Backup Icon

Basic Offsite Backup

Daily Offsite Backup Up to 350,000 files
(limited time offer)

Theme Icon

Theme Installation

Basic Theme Installation

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Any Cloud/Hosting to any Cloud/Hosting

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Emergency Rescue

Emergency Fixes for Any WordPress Installations

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Health Care

A Must Have WordPress Updates and Monthly Updates Solutions

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In Depth Optimization on WordPress Slowness and Help to fix any problems that may slow down a WordPress Installation

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Website Design Package

Design Advice and FREE Premium Design Templates

Select the package that best suits your needs

Pay monthly, or save big with an annual subscription


WordPress Malware Scan and Fix

As low as RM83/mo

one time


WordPress Malware Scan and Fix

As low as RM37.46/mo

per year


WordPress Malware Scan and Fix

As low as RM36.09/mo

for 2 years

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We will scan, remove or replace your hacked WordPress File, and keep it protected with Free Daily Scanning for 90days, 1 year or 3 years dependings on your plans.

Depends on your plan, we will harden your WordPress, have our firewall continuously monitor Human or Bots Login and protecting it.

Most WordPress installation can be scanned and Fixed without 24 hours or Full Money Back Guaranteed

We clean your website using both automated and manual method. Most hacks can be cleaned by our Automated tools but there are instances where a hack that is more complex, or is present in sensitive locations of a website. In such situations, our engineers intervene to further investigate the file and manually remove the malware.

For all Bigdomain cPanel Customer, we provide a 24x7x365 Support via our support email If you are not presently our cPanel Customer, We still provide a Next Business Day Support. There is now a good reason for you to enquiry if you can

We will completely refund your money if we are unable to clean your website. You can request a full refund within 30days.