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BigDomain CyberProtect E-Signing

Ensure the authenticity and integrity of your files

Powered by Acronis Cyber Notary Cloud. BigDomain CyberProtect E-Signing provides a secure and reliable solution for file notarization, e-signing, and verification. Our blockchain-based service provides a secure digital fingerprint for each file, allowing for easy verification and validation. Say goodbye to doubts about file authenticity and protect your organization’s valuable data.

Secure Your Files Now

Notarization services

Don't leave the authenticity of your important files to chance. BigDomain CyberProtect E-Signing allows you to notarize files of any type and have them recorded in a secure blockchain ledger. This provides independent validation of their authenticity and proof that they existed at a specific date and time.

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Efficient document signing process

Say goodbye to the hassle of printing, signing, and scanning documents. With BigDomain CyberProtect E-Signing's service, all required parties can electronically sign files online. Streamline your document signing process and save time and resources.

Verify your file anytime, anywhere

Don't take a chance on the integrity of your data. With BigDomain CyberProtect E-Signing's verification service, you can easily confirm the validity of your notarized files from any device. Rest assured knowing that your important documents are secure and tamper-proof.

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Why Choose BigDomain CyberProtect E-Signing?

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Verify that a file is unchanged (or has changed)

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Substantiate a legal document existed when you claim it did

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Prove a document was signed by certain parties and on a specific date

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Increase speed and simplicity for remote workers with easy online signatures

Content Documents You Can eSign

You can use embedded eSignatures to sign electronically the following document types:

** Please consult and comply your local legistration and regulations.

Our solutions

Secure Transactions with Ethereum: Utilize the Ethereum blockchain for secure and reliable transactions, ensuring peace of mind for your business and clients.

Versatile Data Handling: Notarize or e-sign files of any format and type, including documents, images, videos, and music, with ease and efficiency.

Effortless E-Signatures: Enjoy advanced e-signature functionality, making document signing and management a breeze for you and your partners.

Reliable Verification: Trust in our platform for trusted, independent verification, providing assurance to you and your clients at all times.

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Basic Plan

Blockchain Records & Cert
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Premium Plan

Blockchain Records & Cert
(100 monthly)

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Esign Malaysia Domain &Amp; Hosting

Protect your files with Bigdomain CyberProtect E-Signing


Blocksign Esign Ethereum leverages the security and immutability of the Ethereum blockchain to provide robust and tamper-proof digital signatures, enhancing the integrity and security of electronic documents.

BD CyberProtect Document Blockchain Notary E-Sign Solution is an advanced technology offering secure, distributed, and tamper-proof data management for Malaysia businesses. It enhances document security and transparency in transactions, from rental agreements to research papers.
BD CyberProtect operates on the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, allowing Malaysian businesses to access and utilize blockchain-based applications seamlessly. It ensures the security and integrity of documents, including sales contracts and loan agreements.
Bigdomain CyberProtect E-Signing offers secure and compliant electronic signature solutions tailored for businesses in Malaysia, ensuring legal validity, data protection, and streamlined document workflows.
BD CyberProtect supports notarization for various document types in Malaysia, such as rental or lease agreements, sales contracts, asset purchase agreements, loan agreements, and other critical documents like permission slips, financial documents, and insurance documents.
Yes, e-signatures facilitated by BD CyberProtect are suitable for Malaysia businesses. They streamline the document approval process, offering convenience for agreements like rental agreements and offer letters.
BD CyberProtect empowers Malaysian businesses with independent validation of data authenticity and proof of existence at a specific date and time. This is crucial for securing critical documents such as certificates of product authenticity, nondisclosure agreements, and offer letters.

Absolutely. BD CyberProtect’s robust cryptography ensures the security of confidential documents, making it an ideal solution for Malaysia businesses dealing with sensitive information in documents like confidentiality agreements and research papers.

BigDomain CyberProtect E-Signing incorporates robust encryption, authentication protocols, and compliance with data protection regulations to ensure the security and privacy of electronically signed documents.

Yes, BD CyberProtect is tailored to cater to businesses of all sizes in Malaysia, offering a user-friendly platform for secure document e-signatures and notarization. It delivers a seamless experience across various industries.

BD CyberProtect, through its blockchain-based data notarization, helps secure the integrity of research papers in Malaysia. By creating a digital fingerprint and storing it in a public blockchain ledger, it provides independent validation.
Yes, BD CyberProtect is designed to enhance the security of financial documents for Malaysian companies. Its strong cryptography ensures transactions are secure, providing a trustworthy platform for financial data management.
Yes, BD CyberProtect is designed to enhance the security of financial documents for Malaysian companies. Its strong cryptography ensures transactions are secure, providing a trustworthy platform for financial data management.
BD CyberProtect offers cost-effective solutions for businesses in Malaysia. The Basic plan covers up to 5 users, while the Premium plan accommodates up to 20 users. This approach provides a budget-friendly alternative, especially considering that many eSign solutions in Malaysia charge RM50-100 monthly per user.
Yes, all our Document E-Sign solutions, including BD CyberProtect, support API integration, and there is no extra charge. This ensures seamless integration with your existing systems, allowing for efficient and customized document management and e-signature workflows without additional costs.