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Unlocking Xiaohongshu App Marketing Mastery:

Tapping into a Wealth of Massive User Resources

Malaysia has the largest Xiaohongshu user base outside of China.
1 in every 4 Chinese individuals is a Xiaohongshu user!

Xiaohongshu'S Statistic | Bigdomain

Why does everyone else seem to garner higher engagement with the same product content, while my views remain stagnant at 100, never seeing an increase?

Xiaohongshu marketing success requires more than content creation; Mastering rules and navigating filters is crucial for explosive orders and effective monetization!

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Our portfolio

Unveiling Our Success Stories

Xiaohongshu’s Marketing & Strategy

Xiaohongshu Strategic Planning

Crafts video campaigns tailored to the platform’s audience, ensuring an engaging experience with compelling and customized content.

Creative Topics Generator

Assists users to create engaging content and generate authentic ideas for posts, videos, and articles tailored to the interest of XHS’s users.

KOC Marketing

Produce user-generated content in the form of reviews, tutorial, and anecdotes. It includes store visits, product unboxing, and product reviews.

Paid Ads

Offers wide-range of advertising solutions to meet the marketing requirements of brands and achieve positive results.

Our Strategy for Xiaohongshu

Optimizing Brand Strategy for Maximum Monetization

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Business Account Application
(Blue Tick)

Specializes in helping businesses to secure a verified blue checkmark on XHS, granting access to unlimited traffic for your account.

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Xiaohongshu’s content marketing

Achieves marketing goals through strategic use of content creation and promotion on XHS’s platform.

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Account Management

Maintains user accounts to optimize their performance, traffic, and engagement in XHS.

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Data and Competitor’s Analysis

Interprets competitor’s data and performance for strategic decisions.

KOC Marketing

Maximize Xiaohongshu’s Advantages: Harness Amateur Power for Mainstream Content Promotion!
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About Big Domain

Big Domain is an innovative company in Malaysia, focusing on the technology sector. We are committed to providing comprehensive solutions for network brand building, cybersecurity, and cloud services to help your company grow. Our marketing consultants have deep-rooted expertise in the social media industry, with a decade of experience, and are well-versed in the dynamics of social apps in the market. In the field of new media, our team achieved a breakthrough of 8,700+ followers on Xiaohongshu in just 4 months!

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