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Malaysia’s Cheap Domain Registrar: International & TLD Domains

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Malaysia’s Cheap Domain Registrar: International & TLD Domains

Why Choose BigDomain for Your Domain Registration in Malaysia?

Looking to establish your online presence in Malaysia? BigDomain offers the perfect solution: secure your domain name at unbeatable prices! We’re a Malaysian company dedicated to making your online journey smooth and affordable.

Unbeatable Prices Malaysia Domain &Amp; Hosting

Unbeatable Prices

We offer some of the cheapest domain registrations in Malaysia, allowing you to save money for other website essentials.

More Than Just Domains Malaysia Domain &Amp; Hosting

More Than Just Domains

Get everything you need to launch your website under one roof - domain registration, web hosting, and even website design services!

Local Malaysia Domain &Amp; Hosting

Local Expertise

Our Malaysian team understands your needs and can provide exceptional customer support.

Discover Unbeatable Domain Deals in Malaysia with BigDomain

Register a TLD domain extension that represent your company or brands.

Dotcom Logo

Starting at

Normal Price  RM59.90

The go-to domain for businesses worldwide, making it universally recognized.

Free Domain Privacy worth RM60

Promocode : novcom2990RM29.90 for first year

Dotnet Logo

Starting at


Perfect for tech companies or networking services, it has a tech-savvy vibe

Free Domain Privacy worth RM60

Dotorg Logo

Starting at


The choice for non-profits and organizations, it instantly signals your values.

Dotasia Logo

Starting at

Normal Price RM69.90

For businesses operating in the Asia-Pacific region, it’s geographically specific.

Understanding TLDs: .BLOG, .XYZ, and More

Get the popular TLD Domain at with the best price!


Starting at


Ideal for bloggers and thought leaders, it’s like an open book.


Starting at


Just the thing for cafes and coffee shops, it’s as warm and inviting as a cup of coffee.


Starting at


Great for businesses offering great deals, it’s like a neon sign shouting “bargain!”


Starting at


Perfect for clubs and societies, it’s inclusive and welcoming.


Starting at


Shows visitors your site is development-focused or caters to the developer community.


Starting at


Well-suited for businesses targeting an international audience or organizations with a multinational presence.


Starting at


Ideal for personal websites and portfolios, it’s all about you!


Starting at


Great for businesses that want to emphasize unity or singularity, it’s singularly effective.


Starting at


Ideal for businesses with a strong online presence or those offering online services.


Starting at


The first stop for e-commerce sites, it’s like an online storefront.


Starting at


Versatile and general, it’s a blank canvas for any type of website.


Starting at


Perfect for premium, exclusive services, it’s like a velvet rope for your website.


Starting at


 A good option for startups, creative ventures, or those looking for a unique and memorable domain.

International Domains: Expanding Your Reach Globally

Secure your website with the country’s extension for local recognisation and differentiation.


Starting at


Perfect for websites targeting Malaysia, shows local connection.

Starting at


Combines “.com” for businesses with the Malaysian country code.

Starting at


Ideal for Malaysian websites focusing on technology or network services.

Starting at


Suited for Malaysian non-profit organizations and associations.

Starting at


Designed for websites targeting Indonesia, establishes an Indonesian presence.


Starting at


General Indonesian domain, can be used for businesses or individuals.


Starting at


Ideal for websites targeting Singapore, indicates a Singaporean connection.

Starting at


Combines “.com” for businesses with the Singaporean country code.

Cheap .MY Domains: Best Deals in Malaysia

 Looking to establish your online presence in Malaysia but worried about the cost? Look no further than finding the perfect domain name with a fantastic deal!
Local Connection Malaysia Domain &Amp; Hosting

Local Connection

Instantly shows your website caters
to Malaysia.

Search Engine Advantage Malaysia Domain &Amp; Hosting

Search Engine Advantage

Can improve your ranking in
Malaysian search results.

Brand Recognition Malaysia Domain &Amp; Hosting

Brand Recognition

Builds trust with Malaysian customers familiar
with the extension.

Secure Your Online Presence Today

We take privacy protection seriously and we ensure that your privacy details are protected from hackers and spammers.

Folder With Encryption

Your personal details are protected against hackers, identity theft and spammers.

Mail Security

Protects you from domain-related spam and telemarketers from invading your personal space.

Laptop With Locker

Deters thieves and hijackers from hijacking your website, delivering spam or spreading malware.

Experience Top-Notch Customer Support: Where Service Exceeds Expectations

Tired of frustrating hold times and robotic responses? At Big Domain, we believe customer support should be an exceptional experience, not a chore. Here’s what sets us apart:

Real People, Real Solutions:

Our team isn't automated. You'll connect with friendly, knowledgeable representatives dedicated to resolving your issue quickly and efficiently.

We Speak Your Language:

No matter your question, we have experts ready to assist you in a way that's clear, concise, and tailored to your needs.

Going the Extra Mile:

We don't just solve problems; we aim to exceed expectations. From proactive follow-up to personalized solutions, we're here to ensure your satisfaction.

Multiple Channels, Seamless Support:

Reach us on your terms! We offer phone, email, chat, and even social media support to ensure you can connect with us conveniently.

Start Your Online Journey with BigDomain

Don’t let finding a domain name hold you back from starting your online journey. Contact us today and claim your perfect domain name!