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Instagram Launches Product Launch Reminder Stickers and Tags to Capitalize on Audience Interest

The next logical step for Instagram would be transforming into eCommerce. As currently the platform is slowly adding some new features and options which enable and encourage shopping in-app by providing some new functionality for its users and new opportunities for businesses to get more out of their Instagram presence.

Instagram has launched a beta test of a new product launch sticker in Instagram stories and a product launch tag option in the main feed. The two new options will allow users to get reminded for the item launch date, preview the product details in stream and make a subsequent purchase once the product becomes available. The most important thing to mention is users can do this all without leaving Instagram.

Source: SocialMediaToday

The picture above shown that brands are able to add a sticker noting date of the product launch with the use of Product Launch Sticker for stories feature. Hence, users are able to set a reminder. For instance, if they use that option, they will receive a push notification and notify them the moment when the product they are interested is released.

Furthermore, the option also enable users to stay connected with the latest trends and releases from the people and businesses that they have already following on the platform. Besides, the businesses connect with shoppers that are eager to have those products instantly when they are available. The link up of these activities make Instagram as the place where collaborations and limited releases happen.

At the current stage, the new tags are being tested by a small group of brands only, such as Adidas, H & M and Warby Parker. Moreover, Instagram is yet to provide details of full roll out date and so on.

In a nutshell, tell us are you excited for this new feature? Perhaps you may use Instagram for in-app shopping in the future. Who knows!

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