Wix VS WordPress : Which one We recommend?

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Wix VS WordPress : Which one We recommend?

Are you struggling to choose between Wix or WordPress to build your website? Wix VS WordPress: which one is better? No doubt, this might be the most frequent asked questions by customers.

No worries, we will compare between Wix and WordPress in this article. Hence, you will be able to decide which platform is more suitable for your needs.


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Wix offers a basic website builder for free with their own domain. But basic plan does not comes with add-ons function such as Google Analytics, Favicons or eCommerce function. Thus, user can upgrade the plan for less than $5 per month. Although upgrading isn’t mandatory but it is suggested as your business grows. By the subscription of premium plans, user will get more bandwidth and storage which enables user to connect their domain and removes all Wix ads.

WordPress is a open sources which free to download and install. Not only that, it’s possible to setup an entire website for free with a basic hosting packages and free templates and plugins. But still, the actual cost of setup and running a WordPress site may be highly variable due to the different features and plugin.

BigDomain has launched a RM10 Startup Hosting plan which comes with free template and free SSL function. Thus, user can build their own website with an affordable price.

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Ease of use

Wix offers a simple drag and drop interface to build your website where you can select any element on your site and start editing. Hence, users no need to spend much time to learn the platform or install any plugins before they can start building their website. But the cons is, you will stuck with a template once you chooses it. This is due to the site’s identity evolves.

On the other hand, WordPress comes with a visual editor which enable you to write your content and theme customiser. However, by default WordPress does not comes with drag and drop page builder. Thus, it might be a little difficult for those beginners. But WordPress comes with a lots of themes which allow user to make customization really easy. This is the reason of why there is a growing user choose WordPress compare to others Builders as it offers a greater flexibility. WordPress now also have plugin like Elementor which will fill the gap of drag and drop

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