Looking for The Right Web Hosting?
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Looking for The Right Web Hosting?

There are many web hosting solutions available, each of which caters to a certain set of requirements. Storage capacity, control, technical knowledge, server speed, and reliability are all factors to consider.

Before building your first website, you should familiarise yourself with the many types of web hosting. This article will teach you what you need to know about the two web hosting alternatives available to you. Choose the type of web hosting services you want, and then pick a package that fits your requirements.


Ever heard of VPS hosting? Unexpected downtime on a website is unaffordable for small and medium-sized organisations. VPS hosting is an excellent choice for website owners who have outgrown their shared hosting plan’s resources. VPS hosting is recommended for websites that have huge files, such as videos and photos.

As your company grows, a VPS will provide you with more flexibility and scalability. Furthermore, the inexpensive cost of a VPS makes it a viable alternative for almost any business. A virtual private server is a good option if you require a hosting solution for your business.


Cloud web hosting is similar to a hybrid version of a virtual private server (VPS), but it is much more affordable. Your website will have higher uptime rates and less unexpected downtime with cloud servers. For medium and large business websites that are rapidly growing, cloud hosting is the best alternative.

It is effortless to use and does not necessitate technical knowledge. The benefit of cloud-based web hosting is its scalability. It enables you to add extra servers when your site becomes busy and lower the servers’ number when traffic drops.

Still unsure which plan to go for? As previously stated, Big Domain offers both a starting plan and a premium plan for cloud web hosting services. Contact us today.

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