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Instagram is Testing New Following List Categories in order to Help you Manage Content Feed

According to reverse engineering expert, currently Instagram is testing out a new process which could categorize your Following list into both topic categories and listings based on your engagement with each. The purpose of this new feature aims to help users have a better manage their main feed regarding what content appears.

source: SocialMediaToday

You may refer the screenshots as above. The option will automatically sort your following list into topics in term of Art, Comics and Travel. Not only that, Instagram has also included lists of Least Interacted with and Most Shown In Feed which based on your individual activity.

Nowadays many users more attuned to how social media platforms works and what they want to see. There is less need to encourage this type of behavior. For example, last year Twitter actually has experimented with somethings similar with recommendations of who people should stop following in order to improve their Twitter experience.

But Twitter has yet to announce when are they going to roll out this feature. But it seems like a positive addition due to users are aware of its utility.

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