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Facebook Launches New Work Groups to Connect with Coworkers on the Platform

In order to help people stay connect with their coworkers more easily. Facebook has launched a new groups option called work groups.

source: SocialMediaToday

This option seeks to reduce the need to connect with every person you work with and let them into your more personal interactions. Furthermore, you can keep the two elements separate by creating a specific group only for work colleagues. Not only that, this option also allow work group members send messages to each other without the need of become Facebook friends.

In order to create a work group, group admin needs to:

  • Go to: Group Settings > Group Type and select ‘Work’
  • Changing the group type to Work is available on both mobile and desktop
  • Admins can switch back to the General group type at any time

Individual group members can also opt-out of the messaging feature. Hence, it helps avoid spammers or over-enthusiastic members.

It looks like a minor option but it does cater to a need to better protect user privacy, while also facilitating connection through the app. Moreover, one of the big reasons why users need to report turned away from public posting on Facebook and shifted towards private messaging and groups. This is due to everyone was connecting with everyone on the platform. Thus, it mean that distant relatives, past school alumni and colleagues from previous jobs were able to sell all of your personal details.

This option provides a new way to utilize the functional capacity of such connection, while still maintaining some boundaries. 

Of course, more businesses are signing up to Facebook Workplace as well, which facilitates pretty much the same things, but for those that are not on Workplace. Hence, it could be an alternative option.

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