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BigDomain Cloud PA (Personal Assistant)

Your personal assistant that will help you offload and handle your first level call answering. So you can focus on travelling, meeting and your task at hand.

Mail Management

We cover a wide range of mail management including pick up and handle your mail with Prestigious Business Address

Business Presence

Start your office in a prestigious business location at a minimal cost

Business Communication

Own a local dedicated number & have your calls answered by professional

Mail Management

Forward and pickup your mail & courier at any ADA location, at your convenience

Flexible Plan

Upgrade or relocate your office according to your needs as your business grows

Cloud PA Personal Assistant

Your assistant will answer your call and assist your customer by your company’s name.

Dedicated Number

A dedicated phone number is available both in 04/03 extension.

Mail Management & Fax with Business Address

Pickup and handle your mail with prestigious business address.

Other Facilities

Shared fax number, letter scan to mail services, prestigious. 24x7 vicemail,conference call service.




Ideal for those who do not need dedicated and full time workspace. Telecommuters or startups’ preferred choice.

Meeting Room

We provide services and facilities for all types of meetings ranging from training sessions, general meetings, formal business negotiations and international conferencing.

24 x 7 basic Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

A technology that allows a computer to interact with humans through the use of voice and DTMF tones input via a keypad.

Q & A

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3) What is the service’s available hours?

4) 24 x 7 voicemail system

5) 24 x 7 Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - Gold Package

6) Can you help scan my mail and forward to my email?

7) Do we provide Business Meeting Room or Hot Desk?

8) What are the fees required?

9) Do you provide phone number & office address?

9) Shared Fax / Dedicated Fax Number