Understanding SEO In Malaysia. How to Get your Website Ranked in Google – The Basic

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Why we are writing this – Again ? We want to Help Malaysia Company Grow through SEO. Getting some Leads for your Website are good online income.

Brief History . I started #domainplus in 2011, and do not have much budget in advertising. We Rely solely on SEO to win over our competition, and infact , I was also lucky as SEO are much easier to rank during that time and our competitor wasn’t paying much attention to it .

Since we began , Bigdomain.my in 2017, we are using the same strategy again

We often receive inquiry from #bigdomain client that why a domain registered cannot be found at Google ? to keep the story shorts we will be publishing a few of our experience .

Below are good Examples – Some Popular Keywords like we still being ranked nicely

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What is SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Malaysia Local Search

Search Engine do not limited to Google Only . The other top Search Engine you should rank for also includes Facebook and Youtube. But What ? Why ? a Search engine is a place you can search your stuff for , so with social media getting popular , you can also search stuff , product , business via Facebook , and Youtube. Even if you want to show on Google First Page, Getting yourself first in other not so difficult search engine such as Youtube can be relatively easier, and faster result

seo in malaysia , malaysia local seo , how to do seo in malaysia
what is a search engine
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seo in malaysia , malaysia local seo , how to do seo in malaysia

The Speed of Getting Result – Malaysia Search Engine – Google Malaysia

To Set the Correct Expectation , SEO is not an Advertisement , Unlike SEM (Search Engine Marketing – Such as Google Ads)
SEM will get you result faster as you are paying for Clicks. However your result will stop immediately the moment you decide to stop paying for the advertisement.

SEO , However will be a mid to Long term Goal, and an Asset Building Experience. Website with Google SEO ranking is also an Asset where you can valued and potentially Sell to others . I have sold my earlier business because the website is able to capture a significant attention from our competitor.
Website Ranking will not drop overnight after you stop spending or working on your SEO.

You get me ? 🙂

When is the right time for Start SEO ?
If You like Search Engine to Show your website.

SEO is not an advertisement, we will advice you Start Planning for SEO before even the Website is Completed. Why ?

when to start planning for seo 
before website building 
seo in malaysia

Website is about building the right content to your audience. If you plan your website for SEO, you must cater the right content with the right Keywords . Content must be planned ahead before your website building. or During Website Building.

Try Answer this Question

  • What is the keyword my client is searching for
  • How much is the monthly search volume of these keywords
  • Who is the competitor or Page1 Website for these Keywords
  • What is the regular work need to be done on website to get ranked
  • What is my Website SEO Budget or overall Digital Marketing Budget

Next , Work on your Malaysia Local SEO

What is a Local SEO. Local SEO are the faster way you get ranked among your local user and local community. But Why can’t you start worldwide or cross country SEO ?

The fundamental is about the same . Do a Whitehat SEO (or any OnPage audit to your website) then get your result improving for Long tail keywords , or localised SEO Keywords , Know your current state of your website traffic and SEO status, build a Base link and start planning on a Weekly/Monthly Basis

the fundamental of SEO , seo basics 
seo in malaysia , malaysia local seo , how to do seo in malaysia

Example – Long Tail Keywords for Bigdomain
Register cheap domain in Malaysia
Search for .MY domain in Malaysia

Examples of Localised Keywords for Bigdomain
Malaysia Domain
Malaysia Hosting
Malaysia WordPress Hosting
Malaysia Web Design

Penang Web Design
Penang SEO

How to do SEO in Malaysia

We suggest you review and plan your SEO first and review what is your available options

  • What is your Objective
  • What is your Budget
  • What is the time and effort you can invest or put to your website SEO
  • Who can help you with your SEO

Try some good SEO Agencies in Malaysia

Google Malaysia SEO Agency will get you some good one

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The thing about SEO , is a consistent amount of time required to

  • monitor ranking
  • monitor keywords performance
  • audit your website for bad links ,error , downtime and website speed
  • building the content for your keywords
  • consistency updating your website with new / updated information
  • work on google search console to fixed reported errors
  • Monitor the trend and your competitor

It will note be cheap. since a considerable time required to spend on your website and monthly basis.

Or Learn how to Start doing SEO , at least the fundamental one.

Not everyone can afford a to invest a huge sum to website marketing or seo during early stage, so we will cover more on possible Self DIY SEO and what are the SEO tools available out there in the market that are either PAID or FREE .

Online Learning – Find out Good SEO resources, Online Training

Find out some good SEO Google Tutorial Online, we recommend the following Readings

Know Yourself , Your Website

Make sure you register for

Know Your Competitor

After you found your Keywords , find out where’s your competitor. Besides using the above freetools to find out the appropriate keywords , you can simply use google search to find out the popular keywords your client may use . See below Google Suggestion at the search bar indicate popular keywords

google search bar , search for keywords suggestion , cheap domain with bigdomain

seo in malaysia , malaysia local seo , how to do seo in malaysia

Google Related Search also will show the alternative to popular keywords , you may use this to search your research on SEO

google search related searches 
seo in malaysia , malaysia local seo , how to do seo in malaysia

I will try to share more tips and tricks how to work on your SEO more effectively without spending a BOM in the future, but there will no easy way to SEO , and no Shortcut because it is too competitive. Only Quality site can rank well now .

About the author Malaysia SEO Resources

Hi , I am Henry . I learn SEO as a Hobby and it helped me grew #bigdomain and #domainplus. Some of the website i have work SEO on includes goody25.com , omgloh.com , bridalgram.com which consider viral online media and directory