.com Domain Name Price Rises for First Time since 2012
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.com Domain Name Price Rises for First Time since 2012

When it comes to businesses and brands, a website is one of the utmost factors to make your company make or break. Domain .com [(dot)com] has been the most popular domain name chosen among all. Since .com is easier to remember and internationally recognizable, it’s time for a change – its price. 

Start from september, .com domain name price will rise to 7%

For the first time since 2012, the wholesale price of .com registrations, transfers, and renewals will rise later this year. Investors in Domains and customers with extensive portfolios of Domains should plan.

From September 2021, the price of the .com website will increase, ranging from RM5 to RM10. This might be a shock for some buyers and current subscribers.

It shouldn’t be a surprise since many small businesses and entrepreneurs have turned to online channels to sell their products and services. It has high demand currently, not only in Malaysia but the whole world products and services.

Some foreseers predict that the price of a .com domain name will even go up by 7% for the coming 3 years.

BUT, HOLD ON! Don’t panic because we also have good news for you. 

There’s a twist & benefit for our constant supporters and subscribers – YOU! 

You can do advance renewal for .com domain name before our price increment is implemented. You get to renew your .com domain for up to 10 years. So that you would have no worries about the future increment price or inflation rate. 

NOW is a good time for the domain owners to review their portfolios and think about registering your domain names ahead of time.

Regrister your .com domain name with us now!

For more inquiries and doubts, Whatsapp us now https://wapp.my/60187674068

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