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9 ways – How to Avoid Getting Spam Emails

there are way that spammer / spammer bot getting your real email address and start sending you Spam or all kind of Phishing / Fake Emails

#1 – Never reveal your email address on your website or Any others Website

No #1 in our list is avoid getting your email address show on any website including your own website. If you start getting SPAMMY Email , try to google your email address, and you should be able to see the website listing your email address. If it is your website, best replace with a Photo of your Email address , or link to support forms rather than using the mailto: tag as it will encourage spam bot to harvest your email, starting sending you spammy email or get your email address sold to others spammer

checkout  https://www.seoptimer.com/blog/email-address-on-website/  talks about email harvesting

checkout https://www.seoptimer.com/blog/email-address-on-website/ talks about email harvesting

#2 Try to avoid opening spam emails and clicking on links in spam messages.

If you are getting spams email , do not click any email link including unsubscribe link. it may be fake and trick you to confirm that your email address are valid, and you are reading spam emails. Some email trick you to malware sites or phishing sites so you enter your information

do not click on any email links in the spam emails. talk to your hosting providers via the right support email address.

#3 Don’t buy anything from a spammer. Just Dont Reward and Encourage Spammer

Dont contact or buy anything from spammer , as it will encourage them to spam you more with promotions and stuff . You also risk of getting something not genuine, fake software or fake deals . Do Not Rewards the Spammers with Sales

#4 Your reply means nothing. no point replying them

Do not Reply them , the mailbox probably inactive or getting alot of bounced email . Replying might encourage bots to send you more spam . Replying encourage more spam sending to you

Red Corded Telephone on White Suraface

#5 Don’t threaten the spammer.

Do not fell into any trap to trick you in doing anything. sometimes this could cause you more harm than good !

#6 Avoid clicking ‘unsubscribe’ button or Any links in spam email

Often, the unsubscribe button will not do what it describe, rather there to get you to confirm your email address is active. You might get even more spams or get send to a malware infected websites. Be smarter in protecting your email from spam

Latest !! Scammer favors Malicious URL in Emails and it is reported that it consist of 88% of the overall email treat . Think twice before clicking any links

#7 for Personal uses or shopping online , try disposable email address.

Disposable Email address are temporary email address, allow you to receive emails from unreliable website, or online purchase , or share to public. If you are getting spams , simply delete off the email address and resetup a new one

Try not to give up primary email or your business email easily

#8 Munging Your Email Address

This is a real simple but very effective ways to present your email address in human readable way but prevent bots from reading it. if you need to give someone your email address in the public , try do it like name at companyname dot com . this way human can read it but might fools spambots . This is a good spam protection technique

#9 Activate your hosting FREE Spam Protections

Most Hosting or Email Services Providers will provide FREE Basic Spam protection, which could potentially help reducing spam up to 50% . If you getting a lot of spams, may talk to your email providers to help adjusting the level of spam filtering from normal to strict. This however might caused some of your important email get filtered as spam.

examples of cPanel Spam Assassins antispam protection provided by Bigdomain.my

If you find the 9 ways listed above will help you and someone you know reducing spam , help share this articles

if you still need help fighting spam, as if you already getting high number of spam, chances you wont be able to reduce it overnight .

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the Enterprise grade SPAM Protection Solutions


antispam , spam email examples
antispam , spam email examples

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