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YouTube Adds ‘Super Stickers’, Option to Add @Mentions in Video Titles

YouTube is adding a new element to its Super Chat streamer payment tools with Super Stickers. It consists of a set of cartoonish character depictions, some animated which add to your Super Chat options.

source: SocialMediaToday

By adding the use of stickers, it would help standout more clearly in comment streams. Moreover, it could make them an enticing option for those who wish to attract the attention of broadcaster.

The initial Super Stickers consists of 8 sticker packs and five of them are animated. As you can see above, the character packs consist of unique bios which YouTube says add even more color to your connections with fans. It may not seem like a massive update on the surface, but YouTube’s Super Chat is likely more popular than you think.

According to YouTube, there are over 100,000 channels which have received Super Chats. Furthermore, some streams can earn more than $400 per minute which is a lot of potential cash to be made by YouTube creators for broadcasting to their fans.

Actually the idea of adding Super Stickers is inspired by the Chinese streaming market, where these types of bigger, more prominent stickers can signify status among viewers, and be a major earning chip for broadcasters. The sample shown as below.

Hence, YouTube will be looking to facilitate similar with its higher price point stickers in term of providing more incentive for creators to broadcast on its platform. For example, in order to purchase a Super Sticker, YouTube users need to tap on the dollar sign icon within the live chat. You can choose the sticker or chat type that you wish to buy. The sample shown as below.

source: SocialMediaToday

In the nutshell, how do you think about this adding stickers?

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