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What is SSDs Hosting??

What is SSDs Hosting?? 1

Most of the computers come with Solid state drives (SSDs) nowdays. The mainly reason that computer applied SSDs inside is because of the speed which is faster than the traditional HDDs. But what we know about SSDs was their storage. How about the SSDs Hosting? What is SSDs Hosting?

Websites made with content management systems, such as WordPress, Wix or Blogger come with thousands of themes and plugins that all have to load and do their thing when a user visits the website. Further, once a visitor enters such a dynamic website, he/she triggers many database queries while accessing the on page content.

What is SSDs Hosting?? 4

With so many database queries and so much content to view, using rotating disks significantly slows the overall speed of the website.

Speed being an important factor as it is, both from a user interface and a SEO standpoint. Having so much to load for your users is a demanding task which requires hardware that can do it as efficiently as possible.

What is SSDs Hosting?? 5

SSDs do just that. They read all this data simultaneously so the browsing speed will be much better and faster, thanks to shorter loading times. As mentioned earlier HDDs read and write data with a 15-20 millisecond access time, while SSDs do it with just a 0.2 access time.

Traditional Web Hosting plans still store your information with  spinning magnetic platter also named as rotating disks, while more modern ones have their SSDs ready for you right away.

If you give it a bit of taught, the prediction that SSDs create the storage of tomorrow comes naturally. Although it remains unclear wether that becomes true or not, one thing is for sure, they are much better in every technical aspect than traditional data storage such as the speed, reliable and the resistant to physical shock.


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