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BigDomain can help you to get “FOUND” in top search engine such as Google/Bing! We are the Top in SEO Malaysia and Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia. We are SEO Expert in Malaysia that can help you with your search engine optimization Get Result Faster with bigdomain.

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BigDomain can help you to get “FOUND” in top search engine such as Google/Bing! We are the Top in SEO Malaysia and Digital Marketing Agency Malaysia. We are SEO Expert in Malaysia that can help you with your SEO, Get Result Fast

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SEO 360

A 360 overview up to 3 competitor + your website. Know what your competitor are heading so you can plan your strategy.

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What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. It affects a website’s visibility in web search engine’s unpaid results. The website content, keywords, title, link, description and others points will influence the search result.

How our #No1 SEO Expert can help you?

A well-designed website with excellent content alone is no use if no one comes to visit the site. SEO is one of the best digital marketing strategies to generate traffic to your website. A good search engine or google search optimized website will let users find it easier through the search engine like Google. SEO services help your website to stand out from your competitors and increase your website’s visibility in this saturated Internet world.

How can Bigdomain SEO Expert help ?

An SEO expert is someone that knows how to get more traffic from search engines., Increase your potential clients in this rapidly moving-forward virtual world. We can help you optimize your business’ online presence . We are experienced warriors in the Malaysia SEO field that help you to boost your traffic artificially and organically in this competitive search result ranking war.

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Boost Your Business with BigDomain SEO Expert Service

Keyword Optimization

Working with client and advice the best Keywords that may get better result

Website Page Review & Optimization

We will help you review your website content data & optimize the required information

Title Tag Optimization

This is very important in first steps helping Website get indexed correctly and optimised with audience and search engine

Meta Description Optimization

Review the descriptions and propose suggestion

Keyword Research

Aim the right keyword niche with the right search volumes

Proprietary SERP Boosting

Generate hot traffic to help making your website SERP ranking improve and helps in creating long terms organic traffic

Content Optimization

Utilization of existing textual content to optimize for relevant keywords

Heading Optimization

Heading tag review and consultation to capture the suitable audience

Internal Linking Optimization

Review internal links and indexing

SEO Ranking Report

Pre-Optimization report to determine the baseline rankings

Monthly Ranking Report & Engagement

Engaging with you on Whatsapp group to propose ongoing changes, reviews and Regular Performance Reports

Backlink Review & Improvement

Review your current backlink, traffic health and improvement

Analytics Installation, Google Search Console & Analytics

Review and propose optimization to enhance your search ranking via Search Console & Analytics

Competitive Analysis

We will work with you on comparing your action vs your competition and propose the required action to help you do better than your competitor

Boost Your Business with BigDomain SEO Expert Service

BigDomain has successfully shown up at the first page of Google search result in 1 month only!

Seo Malaysia Search Engine Optimization Seo Services Seo Agency
Seo Malaysia Search Engine Optimization Seo Services Seo Agency
Seo Malaysia Search Engine Optimization Seo Services Seo Agency

5 Tips to Choose a Domain Name

Malaysia SEO Expert and Digital Marketing


  • Our Keyword Research Team will help you find the right keywords that is high-volume, low-competition
  • Great Understanding of WordPress, SEO and HTML. We use alot of automation and statistic to help you improve and track the result
  • How and where to add keywords to a webpage
  • Intermediate to advanced copywriting skills
  • Proficiency in visual content, like video and infographics
  • Ability to help you create good back links
  • Able to help you quickly improve ranking signal, SERP
  • Understanding of how technical SEO impacts rankings
  • Knowledge of emerging SEO trends and Google algorithm changes

SEO can definitely help you business. Search Engine Optimization bring visitor from google search relavant to your business and services, directly to your landing page (website), and learn about your product. Unlike Advertisement, this steady stream of visitors traffic will keep coming to your website, engaging and becoming your customer.

SEO Scope are quite wide but generally includes the following,

  • Keywords Research
  • Competitors Research
  • Onpage Audit
  • Offpage Audit 
  • Marketing Plans 
  • Website Optimizations 
  • Continuous Website and Keywords Ranking Monitoring

Bigdomain use extensive of SEO to do digital marketing. Some of these top keywords ranking help us ranked in penang seo, selangor seo, kuala lumpur seo and malaysia seo. Like us, we believe these kind of keywords can be helpful to you.

There are plenty of SEO agency in Malaysia. Easiest way to understand if an SEO agency can deliver result is to request for past result, help you perform a website audit and provide you with an SEO plans. Request a FREE SEO audit from Bigdomain to know how you can improve your SEO result.

Link building is vital in SEO since it drives organic traffic through search engines, especially in competitive markets. Link building may be extremely helpful at driving more organic traffic when combined with strong technical SEO skills, outstanding on-page SEO, great content, and a pleasant user experience. Link building is part of our seo services. We build quality backlinks and help you remove the bad ones. 

  • Optimize for your readers rather than search engines
  • Maintain a regular blog
  • Make use of long-tail keywords
  • Optimize your meta text
  • Produce high-quality articles on a regular basis.
  • Encourage inbound links.
  • You should include a link to your own material
  • Make use of social media.
  • To improve results, use data and metrics.

Content marketing covers all marketing efforts that revolve around the generation and sharing of content. It should undoubtedly be a part of your SEO plan. It can be also very useful for your branding. 

SEO audit is the process of assessing your website presence aligns with SEO best practices. The first step is develop a measurable implementation strategy alongside with key measurables. 

The goal of the audit is to discover as many key flaws as possible impacting organic search results. The SEO audit will highlight the following:

  • SEO technical issues
  • Issues with the website’s structure
  • Issues with on-page SEO
  • Issues with off-site page
  • Problems with the user experience
  • Content deficiencies and opportunities
  • Insights into the competitive marketplace


An audit is a regular practice that should be performed on a regular basis; just like an essential “checkup” for your site.