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What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimisation”. It affects a website’s visibility in web search engine’s unpaid results. The website content, keywords, title, link, description and others points will influence the search result.

How SEO can help you?

A beautiful website with excellent content cannot help much in sales if there is no user visits it. SEO is one of the best digital marketing strategies to generate traffic to your website. A website with good SEO will be easier to let users found it through the search engine. SEO helps you to stand out among your competitor and increase your website’s visibility in this hectic internet world.

Why you need us?

Our world is rapidly becoming an Internet-based world, you need an expert to optimise your business' online presence! We’re experience warrior in SEO field that can help you to boost your traffic artificially and organically in this competitive search result ranking war. When your website’s visibility increased, your potential clients increased.

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Keyword Optimization

Working with client and advice the best Keywords that may get better result

Website Page Review & Optimisation

We will help you review your website content data & optimised the required information

Title Tag Optimization

This is very important in first steps helping Website get indexed correctly and optimised with audience and search engine such as Penang SEO, Malaysia SEO Etc

Meta Description Optimization

Review the descriptions and propose suggestion

Keyword Research

Aim the right keyword niche with the right search volumes

Proprietary SERP Boosting

Generate hot traffic to help making your website SERP ranking improve and helps in creating long terms organic traffic

Content Optimization

Utilization of existing textual content to optimize for relevant keywords

Heading Optimization

Heading tag review and consultation to capture the suitable audience

Internal Linking Optimization

Review internal links and indexing

SEO Ranking Report

Pre-SEO report to determine the baseline rankings

Monthly Ranking Report & Engagement

Engaging with you on whatsapp group to propose on going change, review and bi-monthly reports

Backlink Review & Improvement

Review your current backlink, traffic health and improvement

Analytics Installation, Google Search Console & Analytics

Review and propose optimisation to enhave your search ranking via search console & analytics

Competitive Analysis

We will work with you on comparing your action vs your competition and propose the required action to help you do better than your competitor

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