Work Cultures Latest Trend - Hot Desking

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Work Cultures Latest Trend - Hot Desking

Have you heard hot desking before? Well, this is a new fashioned- arrangement, in which employees are able to spend their working time at a different desk every day.

Old- fashioned arrangements, which desks are arranged accordingly, employees head to the same desk day in and out are not popular anymore. More companies advocate hot desk culture as it acts like a bridge in work culture. 

Encourages friendly relationships between employees 

By this culture, employees are able to get in touch with different department colleagues as the hot desk involves the potential which everyone is having the opportunity to meet new friends each day. Typically, for the old- fashioned arrangements, various departments might never really get in touch with each other. Apparently, hot desk culture can help in tighter bonds between members in an organization. 

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Enhancing creativity

Rather than sitting in the same desk with the same person beside, a hot desk provides you a chance to meet new friends. For instance, a marketing department employee sits beside a designer, his or her design skills might have a space of improving via the communication between each other. Imagine marketing activities that are ongoing will have a more enhancing design and texture. Humans are visual creatures, anything that is beautiful has a higher chance in attracting them and retaining them. By this culture, brand awareness is able to build indirectly and business growth can increase.

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No “walls” between employees

Work efficiency improves as the generation gap is reduced. Number of employees involved in communication increases, making the decision making process able to proceed smoothly and easily. More effective and efficient communication systems build meanwhile barriers in communication able to reduce.

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