Get Started for SEO | Malaysia Business on Search Engine

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Get Started for SEO | Malaysia Business on Search Engine

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Want to know what is SEO and how it works?
We have made this very simple search engine optimization tips for you.

Some of the biggest question BigDomain Customer asking , what is the different between Search Engine Marketing compare to Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and how can it work?
For Business just about to start building their first website, this seems a little bit complex .

Big Domain appear in important keywords such as cheap domain thanks to SEO
Big Domain appear in important keywords such as cheap domain thanks to SEO
  • Understand your audience, what are they looking for
  • Understand your competition . Your competitor might already done some keyword research for you already
  • finally use the above points to form important keywords that you will need to includes in your website content, title, descriptions to build a good traffic from search engine

Important to emphasis that SEO should start before website is built, not after website completed. without knowing what keywords, topic and trend, you will not be able to build a optimised website that having all the relavant keywords that users will choose. What is important to you may not be as appealing to your customer who is searching for solutions on Google and other search engine.

What A SEO Agency in Malaysia will help you

Its important to know , getting into page 1 are very important. Usually people do not browse more than 3 page in a search result. so You need to get to First 10 page – top 100 in results, then aim for top 3 page – top 30, then slowly move to First Page . the Top 10 Result in a particular search terms

SEO Malaysia

We have been using very important keywords to target our audience in Malaysia.

Keyword research in SEO is as important as water or oxygen for people

It’s the first Very important step for developing successful SEO strategy and content for your website. Keywords are also called as search terms. It is how your users make searches in Search Engine.

The Search term (keywords) that you know may not be the one user is searching for. Many industrial related terms , are not having high search volume because ordinary people may not know about it.

Getting the right keywords helps to get targeted audience for your website through search engine. It is the most important part to choose relevant keywords for your business or blog to reach relevant people.

Google Search Console , the important SEO Tool and Guide

Everyone a website should use Google Search Console.
Many people we knew, talk about Google Analytics, but not Google Search Console . It is important to know that , Search console keep many other information specific to issues that will affect your search. such as website errors , indexing errors , sitemaps , performance issues , keywords ranking and more.

Google Search Console was created to quickly monitor the performance of your site. You can acquire valuable insights from your Google Search Console account, meaning that you can see what part of your site needs work. This is sometimes a technical part of your website, such as an increasing number of crawl mistakes which need to be fixed. This may also be providing a particular key word more attention since the positions or impressions are decreasing.

Get Started for SEO | Malaysia Business on Search Engine 1
Malaysia SEO Agency use Google Search Console to monitor Search Ranking

Besides seeing this type of data, you are going to receive email notifications when new mistakes are noticed by Google Search Console. Because of these Alerts and Reminders , You can act fast and avoid a drop in SEO. It is important to note that , you should also use search console with care, you can use it to improve your search result , or improper use can exclude your website from Google search result Entirely