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Snapchat Enables In-Game Purchases for First Time in New Campaign with Adidas

Adidas has launched a new interactive campaign on Snapchat. It enable users to buy a product via a game in the app. Sample shown as below.

Source: SocialMediaToday

As you can see sample above, a simple 8-bit game has been use in this new Adidas campaign. The game features Adidas MLB icons such as Aaron Judge will invites players to choose their favorite 8-BIT cleat and MLB icon to take part in a homerun-derby challenge.

By doing this campaign, it helps Snapchat appeal to the gaming market as this campaign combined gaming and advertising ambitions together. This is a good move for Snapchat as gaming and eSports are massive right now. Not only that, the gaming sector does continues to grow at a rapid rate now.

Did you notice that gaming tournaments are now attracting big audiences. For instance, recently a game released by Garena called Call of Duty Championship attracting over millions of viewers and offer a total prize pool of $2 million. Furthermore, recently Ninja also become the first gamer to sign a shoe deal with Adidas.

So, it is not surprising to see Snapchat transform and looking to align with gamers and gaming which has most significant allure with younger users.

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