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What is EPP code / Auth code?

What is EPP code /  Auth code? 1

What is EPP code?

EPP code stands for ‘Extensible Provisioning Protocol’. It is also known as Auth code or authorization code. An EPP code usually consists of 6 to 16 character which assigned by domain registrar. Moreover, EPP key is required when transferring .com, .net, .org, .asia, .info and .us domain names. However, EPP code does not applicable for .my domain.

What is the purpose of EPP code?

It is necessary and required when you want to transfer a domain from one to another or changing the domain’s owner. Furthermore, when transfer domain from one to another, EPP code acts as an extra level of security.

Where can I find it?

Domain owner can request EPP code from the previous company.

Have a better understanding about EPP code right?

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