Your Idea may be a Rich Media Ad, look here.

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Your Idea may be a Rich Media Ad, look here.

First of all, what does a rich media refer to? Rich media is actually a digital advertising term for an ad. Rich media ads include features that are advanced such as audio, video and etc. elements which can increase the engagement of viewers to interact with your content. 

Rich media ads provided more ways for the audience to get involved with the ad compared with text ads and display ads that sell with words and pictures. Also, using HTML5 technology, agencies are able to create more complex ads, such as, multiple levels of content can include in one placement: videos, games and etc. 

Benefits of Rich Media Ads

– Increased conversions, click- throughs, and rates of views

– Better results than the traditional ads

Differences between standard and rich media creative types (format) are shown as below:

Standard Creative

– A single .html, .gif, .png or .jpg file format of 200K or less.

– No video or expansion is included.

– Normally, only tracks a single click- through link.

Rich Media Creative

– Usually exceeds 200K.

– Multiples files.

– Contain video.

– May expand to a larger size.

– Detailed tracking metrics on user interactivity is included.

– May track multiple click- through links.

Source from google, digitaland.

In a nutshell, if your company goals include creating brand awareness, then rich media will be the most recommended format to go with.

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Your Idea may be a Rich Media Ad, look here. 1