WordPress hacked? Bigdomain is here to solve your Malware!

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WordPress hacked? Bigdomain is here to solve your Malware!

Do you feel annoyed, desperate, and hopeless when your WordPress is hacked or infected by malware?

You have to notice that malware is a malicious software that is designed to cause damage to your website. 

Each kind of malware has its way of infecting and damaging website’s data. So, before you lose all your valuable data and confidential information stored in the web system, BigDomain gets your back this time.

These are the 3 reasons that make you choose our product to secure your WordPress website:
  • 24 hours quick cleaning with scanning, removing infected files and secure hard for your website
  • We don’t break the website. We remove the malware codes around your website files. 
  • More than just security: theme installation, cloud migration, offsite back-up, emergency maintenance, and website design package 

To get started, talk with our expert! We will help you to solve the problems you face. Soon, both of your data and devices will be free from the evil malware.

Feel free to contact us! WhatsApp: +6018 243 0118 or go to https://bigdomain.my/malware for more info and price quotation.