We start with nothing!

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We start with nothing!

Do you know most of the successful entrepreneurs start with nothing? For me, this sort of story always inspired me. 

Behind the glitter, are the journeys of entrepreneurs which started with no capital, funding, investors or even no education or experience. You may wonder, how they build massive successes despite the odds?

Let’s start with,

1. John Paul DeJoria

John Paul Dejoria is a best known co- founder of the Paul Mitchell line of hair products and the House of Blues chain. He started his entire journey with just $700 loan and turned it into the conglomerate which is the John Paul Mitchell Systems. He used to be a janitor also he got in touch with a newspaper courier but look now, he is a billionaire worth more than $3.1 billion. 

2. Jan Koum

Jan Koum comes from a poverty family, he followed his family when they emigrated to California and learned about computers whenever he was free. He had developed impressive skills at the age of 18. And, he was employed by Yahoo! to be an infrastructure engineer. He then spent almost a decade in the industry and he started WhatsApp Inc. by 2014. Apparently, WhatsApp had become hugely popular. Facebook even bought it for a huge amount, $19 billion.

Lessons to learn from these entrepreneurial, 

1. When your idea is not stable enough for you to keep going, debt will be a scary element to take on. However, debt is actually a valuable tool as long as you are able to pay it back. 

2. Look to the future. Can create a new market if you have a potential idea or evolve current markets. Focus on the future usually can be a strategy that performs better than focus on present ones. 

From here note that to be successful in your life, yes, money is important, but, willing to work hard, courage to take risks and put huge effort in transfering your ideas to become reality also elements that cannot be ignored. Don’t give up on your dreams, everything is possible, you will succeed one day. 

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