Turn texts into Audio by AI- Powered Reader

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Turn texts into Audio by AI- Powered Reader

The Internet is an electronic communications network which is full of information that is accessible to almost everyone with a connection around the world. Obviously, it will be incredibly overwhelming, especially if users have a huge amount of it on your plate. 

Besides, there are researches mentioned that more people are listening compared with reading. Not trying to be exaggerating but there are 19% people out there speed up the source when listening in order to reach more information in less time. Thus you can clearly see that it is more effective if you provide information in audio (reading, speaking) rather than provide a long article.

Hence, here comes the Speechify Audio Reader to help users to read through users reports or pore over a webpage every time when needed. For instance, when you have not enough time or free time to access and complete the reading attention towards the information, then Speechify Audio Reader will be your best choice.

Speechify Audio Reader is a kind of artificial intelligence technology which can turn various kinds of reading material into coactive audiobooks. Users can retain more information while the text is read out to you in natural human voices, meanwhile, you are able to multi- task in a more convenient and effective way.

Moreover, Speechify can basically work on anything, from books, documents to long articles. You just have to scan a book, import it to a PDF file, download it from Google Drive, or import from outsider sources, after that will be the job of Speechify to help you read it out whenever you are busy and you need to listen to information at the same time.

In a nutshell, Speechify is a perfect tool for those busy businessmen who need to multitask most of the time. 

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Turn texts into Audio by AI- Powered Reader 1