Let’s Think Outside the Box - Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans

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Let’s Think Outside the Box - Entrepreneurship Lesson Plans

When we talk about business, entrepreneurship is one of the business terms that always appear in our mind. Apparently, entrepreneurship is an interesting course, so, how to think outside the box when it comes to learning this interesting course? 

Involved in a Variety of Entrepreneurship Activities

First of all you can be involved in a variety of entrepreneurship activities such as the entrepreneurship business game “Escape the Start- Up”. This is a game in which you have to solve the puzzles where you are being locked inside a room (locked room) by deciphering a code needed in order to “escape” from the scenario. Well, of course, there are entrepreneur- related topics and concepts contained in each puzzle of the game. 

Moreover, you can engage in a group activity in which you are able to think creatively and cooperatively from the perspective of a business owner. This activity is the entrepreneurship card set group activity, you need to prepare at least 40 question cards which are used to motivate discussions with a concept of “if you started a business…” Few examples, such as,

– … how do you settle with bad review and feedback from a customer?

– … how do you choose and hire qualified employees?

– … how do you overcome difficulties?

Engagement of Shark Tank Fridays

Furthermore, your entrepreneurship lessons can be more exciting by  the engagement of Shark Tank Fridays. This is an idea from the TV show Shark Tank that talks about entrepreneurship. By adding “Shark Tank Fridays”, every member can incorporate open- ended discussions (open communication) in your weekly entrepreneurship lessons. 

In a nutshell, you can make a reflection activity to wrap up your entrepreneurship lessons. By the reflection, you are able to recall what you have learned and think about how it could shape your future.

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