Look Here For a Faster Website

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Look Here For a Faster Website

Not trying to overstate but the fact is a delay in the speed of your website, even by 1 second, it will also cause a serious drop in page views. Meanwhile, according to Google,  page speed is a ranking factor in search results. Apparently, website speed matters.

Thus, here are some tips which have been tested and prove it works which can help in improving the speed of your website. 

1. Optimize images

– When there is someone visiting your page site, the browser has to load every single part of the page, imagine if our image takes up the majority of the space, it will take the longest time to load all of it. Hence, optimizing images is vital in getting your pages load faster.


– Re- size images before upload.

– Compress images.

2. Reduce Http requests

– In order to let new visitors visit your website, everything on that certain web page has to be downloaded, so that they are able to view it.

– Each element (such as images, videos, fonts etc.) on the page is made up of different http requests. And the more http requests are made, the more time it takes to load the page.



-Right click on the webpage

-Choose inspect

-Click the network tab

-Reload the page


– Right click on the page

– Choose inspect elements

– Click on the network tab

– Reload the page

3. Upgrade Web Hosting

– When your marketing strategy works, your traffic will for sure increase, thus you need to upgrade to a more better web hosting. Select in the right web hosting plan can help in keeping your website fast and functional. (By the way, you can think about our company hosting plan, worthwhile.)

Last but not least, these are some of the tips to help you to own a faster website, we hope these tips sharing are useful. 

Source from hostgator & searchengineland.

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