KOL - Huge Impact For Business In Malaysia

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KOL - Huge Impact For Business In Malaysia

A Key Opinion Leader (KOL) is actually a person who can influence others to follow, and those people are part of the important element in influencer marketing. By introducing a KOL, obstacles such as persuading consumers to try out company products or services, purchasing making decisions etc. are able to be overcome. 

Besides, KOL also known as online influencers which can be defined as very talented content creators, through social media or blog posts. Businesses collaborate with KOLs mainly to reach more people in a target market meanwhile gain credibility to build brand loyalty.

According to Nielson, 92% of consumers around the world including Malaysia are more likely to trust recommendations from people they believe with over ads. Apparently, KOL strategy is the current trend and the most effective way to scale the power of word of mouth (WOM) to reach more potential customers. 

So, what does KOL do?

Actually, KOL had a slightly different compare with influencer, KOL have day jobs in their area of expertise while influencers job is mainly influencing others. KOL influences others basically by their authority in the current field. To highlight, KOL are trustworthy experts because of their professional achievements in their field – not because of the follower count. 

Example of KOLs

– Doctors

– Successful entrepreneurs

– Professional advisor

Example of Influencers

– Celebrities (Johnny Depp)

– Vloggers (Cameron Dallas)

– Instagram Influencers (Pony)

Advantages of KOLs marketing

– More powerful way to boost sales than the traditional marketing approach.

– Majority of the consumer prefer (WOM) than paid media.

Last but not least, businesses can find the right KOL for your industry, so that credibility is able to build meanwhile reach your target audience with these tips provided. Meanwhile, here is a good news which Alibaba Group and MODEN academy will be launching FREE KOL Live Streaming Training Programme in this coming September just in time to help Malaysian youth  & B40 community to pursue a career in e-commerce Live Streaming. 

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