.COM & .MY - Which extension is better?

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.COM & .MY - Which extension is better?

Everyone will feel confused to choose .com or .my (extensions) when they want to purchase a domain. No doubt this is the top question that customers concern about. Which domain extensions rank the best in Google? Well, we believe that the tips below will help to make up your mind.

.COM & .MY - Which extension is better? 1

How to choose between .COM and .MY

  1. .MY extension will demonstrate the company or site based in Malaysia while .COM will demonstrate the company or site based globally or internationally.
    Example: If your company or site is based in Malaysia, .MY is the preferred extension. On the other hand, if your company or site is based globally, .COM is the preferred extension.
  2. .COM stands a higher chance which oversea company might use the same name and registered the name before you. The risk of situation as mentioned above is lower.
  3. If the majority customers based locally, .MY rank higher when user search the company online.
  4. It would likewise to have .MY domain extension for those international company in order to set up a platform for localized content.

Do you have a better understanding about both extensions now?

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.COM & .MY - Which extension is better? 2

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