BigBuddies Room start from RM12/ hour

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BigBuddies Room start from RM12/ hour

BigBuddies Room is a space provided for those who intend to proceed meeting, training or even live broadcast for various business purposes. To celebrate the Grand Opening of BIGCO, We come out with a favourable promotion.

This promotion let you enjoy a co- working/ co- learning space in a worthwhile price, start from RM12 per hour only. Where to find such a price? Only on BIGCO! So hurry up guys, experience your co- working/ learning space here!

BigBuddies Room

  • High speed internet
  • Free coffee & snacks
  • Comfortable space
  • Printers, projector, whiteboard, etc. equipment you needed are provided

Terms and Conditions apply

  • This promotion is valid until further notice
  • Exclusively for everyone who interested
  • Subject to terms and conditions or disclaimer listed at BigCo.
  • Subject to changes without prior notifications.

WhatsApp our Team for further assistance +60 18-767 4068

BigBuddies Room start from RM12/ hour 1