4 Effective Advertisement Design Tips

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4 Effective Advertisement Design Tips

1.Prioritize And Structure The Elements

Each advertisement design should have four parts:

a. Your company name/logo

b. The value proposition

c. A visual representation of your service/image

d. A call to action button

2. Use A Bold Call To Action Button:

The best position for a call to action button is the lower right side of your ad. Like we mentioned before, it should visually contrast with rest of the ad elements.

For online ads, it’s better to have a clear message send to the target audiences and direct call. Familiar examples are:

Sign up, Buy now, Subscribe etc.

Though the subtle or clever call to actions are often used in other forms of advertisements, it’s better to avoid those techniques here.

3. Show, Don’t Tell

Showing your audience something is much more attracting and interesting than telling them it. Relying on implication to convey a message is mysterious, making it more fun to catch your audiences eye.

4 Effective Advertisement Design Tips 1
Image Credit: Penasonic

For example, in Panasonic’s’ creative ad that has a lot going on but still is able to get its message across fairly easily. We will first notice the dinosaur in the trashed living room but then see the girl pointing at the TV, which will give us the impression that Panasonic’s 3D televisions are extremely realistic. The great art direction leads to the consumer understanding what product is on display almost instantly.

4. Leverage Hyperbole

4 Effective Advertisement Design Tips 2
Image Credit: Brilliant Ads

Exaggerating your product’s benefits, in a clever and obvious way, is one of the best methods for slipping some humor into your advertisement, which can capture your audience’s attention and trigger an emotional response from them.

For instance, Nikol’s paper towels obviously can’t turn grapes into raisins, but this ad highlights the product’s absorbent powers in such a clear and artful way, they didn’t need to write a single line of copy.