TV Shows That Every Entrepreneur Should Watch on Netflix

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TV Shows That Every Entrepreneur Should Watch on Netflix

If you feel bored on the weekends, and you are too lazy to hang out, then you could watch some interesting but educational movies on Netflix. As the saying goes, “Netflix is so much better than going out and pretending to like people.” Plus, during the coronavirus pandemic, staying at home could be a better option. Ok, let’s begin the topic.

Note: Click the title of the movie, to learn more about the certain movie.

1. Workin’ Moms

This is a comedy for parents who are working that search for humor amid the stress of trying their best to keep up with a work life balance. This movie introduces a group of friends facing various challenges of being working mothers and dealing with hard situations in a competitive workplaces. 

Movie values: This show describes the less- than- idyllic reality that majority working mothers will face but it demonstrates in a relatable way that humor is to be found in everyday life. So, if you’re a working mama, and you are trying so hard in how to balance being an entrepreneur while taking care of your child or children, this show is so much recommended for you. 

2. The Mind, Explained

This is a Netflix docuseries which features the inner workings of human brains. You will be able to go through 5 parts which are human minds, dreams, anxiety, covering memory, mindfulness and psychedelics. 

Movie values: Learn more about part of yourself, especially, your brain, discover the mysteries of the mind. Know yourself more, in order to apply knowledge into your business. 

3. The Office

The office is a kind of mockumentary sitcom which matches well with the comedic performances and characters you’ll either love or hate. It’s a topic which relates closely with real office life. It studies the human and work behavior of people in the workplace.

Movie values: Learn what should be or not to be done in the workplace in a hilarious and easy way. This movie provides you a clarity in how to be a successful entrepreneur as the skills may be useful for you in the journey.

4. Girlboss

This movie describes how the main character (Amoruso’s) overcome challenges on her journey to success with her fashion brand business.

Movie values: You learn passion, give a 100% in what you get started from this movie. And, learn to stand up when you fail and fall. Never give up before you succeed.

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