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Product experiences which are immersive are test continuously by YouTube

Due to the fact that Covid- 19 brings impacts to the business world such as the advertising style. Thus, in order to enhance the advertising formats that can fit with the quarantined environment,  Google continues to test sort of formats for future advertising use. So do YouTube, YouTube come out with a format which is live stream display.

YouTube: Live Streaming Display

By running live streaming, brand visibility could be increase as people are able to interact with the content video, watch the video as a preview of the current brand. Below shows an example of experience in displaying an ad, it shows what will happen when user clicks on it.

Source from: searchenginejournal

YouTube: AR Beauty Try- On

AR Beauty Try- On provide users an ability to test makeup colors before making their purchase decision. For instance, users can test lipstick colors whether which suit them more.

Source from: searchenginejournal

Last but not least, online businesses is an increasing trend nowadays, thus, it is quite important to follow up with various trends in order to be able to keep pace with competitive market and gain competitive advantages.

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