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‘Pinterest Shop’ Supports Small Businesses This Holiday Season

Pinterest Shop which is a Pinterest new online marketplace for small merchants has supports small businesses this holiday season. It is good to be a small business especially if you are one that gets to be featured on Pinterest Shop.

According to Marketing Dive, this feature is rolled out on 30 November which is an annual occasion that urges people to support local businesses during holiday rush.

Imagine if you could make a shop out of all your favorite pins. That’s basically what Pinterest did here, selecting seventeen luck brands to be featured in a curated pin-shop.

Not only that, Pinterest Shop closely resembles a Pinterest user profile where curated boards have been replaced by merchant profiles and all pins within the board are shoppable products. Marketing Dive describes this new platform feature as Pinterest “touting its ability to capture the attention of shoppers who use its digital pin boards to find inspiration and collect images of products or types of products they may be interested in buying.”​

In the conclusion, Pinterest hand-selected a small collection of merchants to be part of their shop opening and they are looking for more. Furthermore, they have decided to focus on highly creative and crafty small businesses with a positive mission.

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