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Instagram Publishes New List of Popular Gifts Based on On-Platform Trends

Recently, Instagram has rolled out a new listing of popular gift ideas for the holiday season. Furthermore, the listing is based on some of the year’s most popular hashtag trends among users.

source: SocialMediaToday

According to Instagram, they do demonstrate that no matter you are a #new parent or need a holiday #PartyLewk, they also got a collection for you. Besides that, those products are stoppable on Instagram and you can buy using checkout without leaving the app. Not only that, you can also save products to a personal shopping collection while browsing for friends and family or create your own wish list.

Moreover, the collections themselves are set out with interesting lighting and display elements, with each also including links to specific products and Instagram profiles behind them.

source: SocialMediaToday

From a marketing perspective, it’s interesting to note the hashtags highlighted and the product types included within Instagram’s showcase.

The list below are the trends included in Instagram collection:

source: SocialMediaToday

Those six tags provide some insight into what Instagram users are interested in, and shopping for within the app. If you’re considering ways to maximize your marketing efforts on the platform, it may well be worth considering if/how these trends might fit with your products, and looking at the products within each to see if there are any relevant trends.

There’s not a heap to go on, Instagram hasn’t included specific breakdowns or in-depth data. But it may be another research tool to consider as you look at your Instagram strategy for 2020.

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