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13 – Important SEO Question -Answered. Look for Best Seo Company , Malaysia SEO Agency for your Website

13 - Important  SEO Question -Answered. Look for Best Seo Company , Malaysia SEO Agency for your Website 1

Most of the website owners may ask the question, who are the best Malaysia SEO, SEO Company or Agency in Malaysia.

Before we cover question , we need to covers the Basics of Why you need SEO, and how can SEO help you . What are your Target Return of Investment for SEO

Big Domain is merely a 24 months old company as of today and we rely heavily on SEO to bring us new customer base . Being #1 Top result in Google also inform customer that we are leader in Domain Names

13 - Important  SEO Question -Answered. Look for Best Seo Company , Malaysia SEO Agency for your Website 5

You See , SEO really covers a lot of areas not limiting to below, which we will try our best to cover and share our SEO Experience

What is SEO and How it Works. How BigDomain used SEO Malaysia to Rank over 30 Keywords in Google Page 1

SEO (Search engine optimization) are the Good Investment and Effort you put on your website resulting , your visitor able to get to your website through major search engines such as google.

Is SEO Important

Very Important, SEO will not only bring FREE Daily Traffic to your website, but if you plan to advertise in Google Ads, it will help in bring done the CPC (cost per click) through quality score or relevancy.

Which one is more Important , SEO or SEM

We would say both are important. SEO allows more Mass audience from daily search engine users (google users) to find you through daily search.

Is SEO considered Digital Advertising ?

We would put it as Digital Investment. This investment will yield results and proof valuable if you are able to reach good position in search ranking , compare to your competitors. Another way to put it , SEO will keep giving you continuous benefit even after you stop working on it or paying for it. Unlike advertisement, the traffic will stop immediately you stop the advertisement.

Build a good SEO framework (process of building your digital marketing, content and websites) then you will get continuous benefits

13 - Important  SEO Question -Answered. Look for Best Seo Company , Malaysia SEO Agency for your Website 6


Every one can learn SEO ,and try and error to make website found. Website builders such as WordPress will be able to assist newbies through some plugin like YOAST SEO. However, for an SEO specialist to work on your website, there are years of Experience, Hardwork and Research and Expensive SEO Tools to do tracking and analysis.

Some part of SEO can be done FREE, but a complete SEO strategy will includes Keywords targeting and research, Content research , trend observations, Daily Keywords Trackings, Content Recommendations, broken links monitoring, website speed testing and optimization, good quality back links creation , and so on and so on . So there will be cost .

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Why is SEO so Expensive

The Cost for SEO will be very much depending on how much time the SEO consultant put effort in working out keywords, contents , optimization work etc for you.

It also depending on what are the level of experience your SEO Consultant has and what are the tools they used
The famous commercial SEO tools will be

13 - Important  SEO Question -Answered. Look for Best Seo Company , Malaysia SEO Agency for your Website 7
10 Awesome tools reported by Seach engine journals

What is an SEO Ready Website?

SEO Ready Website are not neccesary SEO Optimised
SEO Ready just a terms we ensure the Google can index, read your websites.

SEO optimsied however, ensures your website has the best practise in Keywords density , right keywords, right keywords volumes , fast loading , mobile friendly and many others onpage optimization

Refer : Reference Readings on 2019 SEO On Page Factors by

Refer : Reference Readings on 2019 SEO On Page Factors by

Who should involve in SEO ?

Basically Everyone related to marketing, sales , management , IT in your organization should involved . It is a common assumption that SEO Consultant are the only one to do magic in SEO. Rabbit can’t simply pull out from the magic hat in this case.

Key Decision required to involved key stakeholders on

  • who is the target audience,
  • what are the content and product focus
  • how to structure the website , for people and search engine readable
  • long terms goals for SEO
  • How SEO will help your SEM Efforts
13 - Important  SEO Question -Answered. Look for Best Seo Company , Malaysia SEO Agency for your Website 8

What is the Free Tools we can use to help in SEO? Malaysia most used SEO Tools

Our Favorite Tools are mostly from Google. and its FREE

  • Google Search Console
  • Google Analytics – Organics Search Part
  • Google Keywords Research (Google Ads) ,
  • Google Trends
  • (basic on page analysis)

I am a Developer , what is the component in the website I need to look at

  • Tags – Title , Descriptions , Keywords(for olders search engines) , OG Tags , Image Tags , H1,H2,H3 Tags
  • Domain Name , Incorporate Keywords if possible
  • Server (Speed is important, location not so much)
    many website started using cloudflare and the actual location of the website is no longer disclosed
SEO Optimization - Malaysia SEO , WordPress SEO Checker
Samples Checklist using SEO Plugins

When is the right time for me to start SEO , After website completd ?

SEO Effort should start as part of your planning before your website is completed.
Why ? If you website is not optimised for google, or targeting the wrong content and keywords, there will be a lot of Effort in revamping and updating the website again and again

Most Web Developer do not like SEO Consultant.
Simply too much work

It is simply too much Work to be done and the effort is alot. In our experience, if building website took 3 months , the SEO efforts may take another 3-6 months easily to tune and optimised.

What are the others search engine optimization I should focus on for my Malaysia Website?

Everything can search are call search engine , so it is not limiting to Google. Enhance your search experience in Facebook, Youtube etc will help in improving search ranking

I paid a lot for SEO, can I get Guaranteed results?

Nobody can or should guaranteed results. However Improvement should be one of the primary targets. Improving your SEO optimization should start with asking yourself What is your current SEO status and aim for an improvement. We do not own Google and no body should guaranteed #first page results . every its only 10 result on first page and everybody trying to go on top

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