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Facebook Launches Updated Company Logo Which Will be Included in All of its Apps

This week, Facebook has unveiled a new company logo which will help Facebook, the parent company easily differentiate from the various applications of Facebook. The logo shown as below.

source: SocialMediaToday

Facebook demonstrate that users should know which companies make the products that they are using. This they update their company branding to be clearer that these products come from Facebook. The new Facebook logo will be added to all of its app with a clear ‘from Facebook’ tag on certain screens. 

Here’s an example from Instagram:

An example from Whatsapp:

This will help to better inform users of Facebook’s involvement in each. 

Facebook hoped that this new additions help to appease regulators in order to avoid a potential break-up of its company. Moreover, it does hoped it can aside from the aforementioned political debate around. For example, a research shown that 71 % of people are not aware that Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp.

That lack of clarity could help to further build the case for its dismantling, in order to help consumers better understand which company is behind each platform, and the information they share within these apps. 

Now, we have Facebook’s new branding, distinguished from the regular Facebook logo.

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