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Facebook Publishes New Data on the Effectiveness of Combining News Feed and Stories for Ad Campaigns

Are you looking for some ways to boost your holiday digital marketing campaign?

According to Facebook, one of the recent added option is Stories placement to your Feed campaigns, as opposed to use each element which is Stories and New Feed. Now they are independently and separate for entirely campaigns.

According to Facebook, they mentioned that recently they did a multi-cell test in EMEA. They found out adding stories to feed campaigns by using placement optimization lead to an increase of 21%. This demonstrate that combining of stories and feed campaigns can boost the efficiency and result.

Besides that, Facebook did mentioned there is an increase of 35 % in brand outcomes with the Stories placement. Result shown as below.

source: SocialMediaToday

That 9:16 note relates to the optimal image/video sizing for vertical mobile placement, which Facebook recommends for campaigns in which you plan on using the two options. Advertisers are suggested use Facebook automatic placement option which can optimize your campaign across all of Facebook various app in order to reach and maximize engagement. Sample shown as below.

Source: SocialMediaToday

Moreover, advertisers also suggest to use new tools which is Stories Templates which can convert their feed creative into Stories format. Not only that, it also can reformat your content to fit into each different content stream with Facebook in-built Asset Customization tools.

Facebook further advises that advertisers can use new tools, like its recently launched Stories Templates, in order to convert their feed creative into Stories format, while Facebook’s in-built Asset Customization tools can also reformat your content to fit into each different content stream. 

In the nutshell, Facebook is trying to make it as easy as possible for advertisers to expand their campaign into Stories. So let us be excited for the update.

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