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LinkedIn Calls on Users to ‘Close the Network Gap’ in Hiring and Workplace Opportunity

LinkedIn is holding its annual Talent Connect conference this week and the key focus of this year event is inclusion and diversifying professional networks. According to LinkedIn, more than 70% of professionals get hired at companies where they already have a connection. Thus, LinkedIn is discussing new solutions and tools in order to help them maximize their efforts.

In terms of hiring trends, that is essential to know, in connection to how talent is being sourced, yet it also highlights the potential inequality of professional opportunity, which may be holding many people back from reaching their career objectives and providing the best results for businesses.

Thus, LinkedIn has called on professionals to take the Plus One Pledge in order to address this.

Why LinkedIn comes out with Plus One Pledge?

LinkedIn demonstrate that two people with equal talent should have equal access to opportunity as well. However, some of them do not have the right connections or community to help them land the job they want. Hence, LinkedIn wish to help users playing field and help them get closer to network gap throughout this program.

People can make some level of commitment to intentionally share their time, talent and connections with someone outside their network. The sample shown as below.

Source: SocialMediaToday

It is a good initiative from LinkedIn, especially given these extra details regarding how the network impact can affect your career opportunities:

  • A member in a zip code with a median income over $100K is nearly 3x more likely to have a stronger network than a member in a lower-income zip code
  • A member at a top school is nearly 2x more likely to have a strong network
  • A member who works at a Top Company is almost 2x more likely to have a strong network

According to LinkedIn, this adds up to these three key factors in term of where you grow up, where you go to school and where you work. It potentially giving you a 12x advantage in gaining access to opportunity.

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