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Instagram Adds Branded Content Tags for IGTV

Instagram adds branded content tags for their IGTV but it is still not unavailable for all users. While those who are able to access them, they are able to expand their IGTV content in a longer form.

Source: SocialMediaToday

You can see an overview in the picture above, business and creator accounts in regions where the tag is available can now set them up for IGTV. They will ad a [Paid Partnership with] note in the header of video post when applied.

Of course, the value of the option is relative. While IGTV has not yet become a key destination for video consumption, viewership has been growing, particularly since the addition of previews of IGTV videos within the main Instagram feed, which the platform rolled out back in February.

IGTV videos will be particular relevance of brands seeking to work with influencers in order to promote their products or services if IGTV is fully utilized the branded content tags. Hence, Instagram has been working hard on this part to have a better facilitation. Moreover, the current key concern of IGTV at this stage is to provide top level creators more ways to monetize their efforts and ideally keep them on the platform longer.

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