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LinkedIn Adds New ‘Skill Assessments’ Option to Beef Up Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn will add a new feature for users to display their professional competencies which is new ‘Skill Assessments’ option within coming weeks. This feature will test users knowledge and provide a badge to demonstrate your proven understanding. Sample shown as below.

Source: SocialMediaToday

This feature will facilitate expanded ability to demonstrate your capabilities, beyond suggestions and supports.

How to list test result on profile

  1. Scroll to the ‘Skills’ section of your profile
  2. Select the ‘Take skill quiz’ option
  3. Choose from one of the available Skill Assessments you’d like to take (LinkedIn will recommend courses based on your profile)
  4. If you pass the test, you can display it on your profile with a new badge
Source: SocialMediaToday

If user fail the test, you will have to complete control over the visibility of the results. Furthermore, LinkedIn will suggest some learning course in order for user to enhance their skills and pass the test in future. On the other hand, if user pass the test, the actual result will kept as private to users. Moreover, LinkedIn will send you some relevant job recommendations as soon as they are posted.

This is a good move for LinkedIn as it gives LinkedIn some unmatched insights into professional skills and competencies, no one is better placed to keep you refreshed on the latest in-demand skills, and help you show your ability in the equivalent.

The actual test will depends on how much employees know about these assessments and how much they trust the results. For example, if they do not understand the feature or function of these badges. The badges probably is going to be useless for job applications. Hence, it needs to take time to develop in future.

It helps LinkedIn have a better understand regarding users competencies and interests by taking such courses. Thus, LinkedIn can send users more relevant job postings and recommendations.

Since LinkedIn is going to roll out this feature within the coming weeks. Will you try to take the test ? Tell us below

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