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Facebook outlines evolving efforts to detect and remove hate speech and extremist content

One of the biggest things that people of online communities tend to overlook is the fact that words do hurt. In spite of the fact that these things that are hurtful are not being said online, saying them online can add up to the same amount of hurt and perhaps more. Hence, it is vital for those social media platform to find some way in order to automatically delete those cyber-bullying post and etc.

In this week, Facebook has provided an update of detecting and removing the hate speech and threatening contents from its platform and this is a good move.

According to Facebook, it mentioned that they had started the process of expand the use of automated content detection in the mid 2018 and still enhancing the technology and process over time. These technology is specifically expanded in order to delete local terror threats and hate groups.

Last but not least, do you think this is a good move or good action for Facebook user? Share with us.

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