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TikTok offers New Feature

TikTok offers New Feature 1

TikTok is famous of short video-sharing apps. Users can share their short-clip videos on the app and insert some music or effects in their videos in order to make them more interesting or creative.

New feature: In app purchasing of sponsored products

The news just released today showed that TikTok comes out with a new feature which is in-app purchasing of sponsored products. Obviously, it has transformed into sponsored content. It is named as Hashtag Challenge Plus which allows user directly purchase the products associated with sponsored hashtag without leaving the app.

What is the feature of this?

Let us make it simple. It means exactly like show off users’ favorite outfits from Uniqlo or etc. For instance, user can take part in some manufactured viral trend in term of singing favorite Disney song.

Good example of company which participate

Let us refer another good example. Last week, Kroger became the first organization to test out this new feature with their #Transform UrDorm challenge. TikTok users are required to upload before and after videos of their dorm makeovers and they were invited to purchase products such as toaster or popcorn maker through Kroger brand page on TikTok app. Sounds like a good try right? Currently this hashtag has over 447 million views across hundreds of different videos.

In a nutshell, TikTok is venturing their best into e-commerce and it is a bold move.

Do bear in your mind !

The successful ones are those learn to change and adapt over time.

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