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Reddit Could Be the Next Big Thing in Marketing

Reddit Could Be the Next Big Thing in Marketing 1

What is Reddit?

On June 23, 2005, Reddit was founded by Steve Huffman. Reddit is an American social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. People can registered as members and post their contents on site which consists of picture, text, or link. The other members can vote up or down on the site.

Reddit’s New Marketing Allure

Reddit CEO Steve Huffman and his team members are endeavoring to lure advertisers to their platform, and most of the agency are currently giving more trustworthiness to the idea that the site may give a viable option to the duopoly of Google and Facebook. Reddit boost 330 million monthly active users (MAUs) which is more than Twitter (139 MAUs) and Pinterest (300 MAUs). Due to the daily time spent on Reddit (10:14) is longer than the average time users spend on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google. Thus, Reddit has consistently ranked at the sixth most visited website in U.S.

1. You’ll earn good karma if you being helpful

User will gain karma if they appreciate via up-voting on others contents or comments. On the other hand, contributions that others see as detracting the bigger discussion will get down-voted and thus karma can vanish easily.

2. Find your community

One of the term so called Subreddits which mean Reddit’s active users tend to subscribe to a variety of communities. Redditors are frequently eager to learn and perhaps the most ideal approaches to teach and inform is through video, a favored medium on the platform. Hence, brands should aim to be valuable rather than promotional when sharing any kind of media.

3. Answer everything

One of the broader Subreddit categories is notated as /r/AMA. It allows Redditors to create an “Ask Me Anything,” which invites other users to do so. Some brands have begun exploring regarding the format of Reddit.

Reddit Could Be the Next Big Thing in Marketing 5


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