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Changes in Cpanel Licensing could be shocking

Changes in Cpanel Licensing could be shocking 1

cPanel is the largest Control Panel for Hosting Services deployed by hosting companies. During 27th June 2019, there has been a sudden announcement on the drastic change in licencing models. From a $180 yearly VPS servers to a $540 ++ and potentially up to thousands USD yearly for a single VPS.

You heard it right. Previously, the Annual license allows unlimited cPanel accounts within a hosting server to be deployed and provisioned, but with the new licensing, it allows up to 100 accounts with $45 / months

which calculates
$45/100 = $0.45 per cPanel account x 12 = $5.40 per cPanel accounts yearly

cPanel Store Pricing

for a cPanel Server (VPS) which hosts 300 accounts

First 100 accounts = $45×12 = $540 / year
Next 200 accounts = $0.2×200 $40 x 12 month = $480 / year
total licensing cost will be $1,020 / year from previous $180 / yearly

You can see the impact of this licensing model is 5x -10x (depending on the model of the hosting company if it is an entry shared hosting service or premium hosting).

Many Hosting Companies now are trying to understand the impact to the operation cost and we should expect some price adjustment soon from the industry globally.

Since the the blog is down, here’s the extract from email :

Today we are excited to announce that we’re shifting to an account based pricing and licensing structure, and to share what that means for your relationship with cPanel. We aim to simplify the process of adding new servers, make it easier to become a cPanelcustomer, and provide value to a broader group of users.

Introducing Account Based Pricing
Starting immediately, we will be changing our license structure and the way we price our products. Our pricing and licensing structure will now be standardized for all of our customers and include multiple Tiers. This new structure defines the price of each license based on the number of Accounts hosted on the server, reflecting the value received by the owner. Now, customers only pay for what they use.

All licenses purchased after today will use the new pricing and licensing structure. For the September 1st, 2019 invoice we will convert any remaining licenses on the old structure to the new pricing and licensing structure automatically. The package selected for the license will be determined by the number of Accounts hosted on the server and environment type.
Monthly Licensing
Moving forward, we are transitioning all customers to monthly billing. As yearly licenses come up for renewal, we will do a one-time conversion from your current package to either Admin, Pro, or Premier based on what is most appropriate for your server unless you opt to have the license expire in the Manage Licenses interface of the cPanel Store.

More Resources
It’s been over 13 years since our last price change. In that time we’ve made many improvements to our product, and have much more in store for you. As with any announcement of this type, we anticipate that you will want more information. For those reasons, we have prepared an FAQ that will be regularly updated and built a Licensing Guide. These materials provide an in-depth view of the new structure and the things you need to get started incorporating these changes into your business. You can visit the cPanel Store to see the new options available.

If we can help or answer any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!
Changes in Cpanel Licensing could be shocking 5

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