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The Advantages of SSDs

The Advantages of SSDs 1

No moving parts: The big problem with moving parts is that they always wear out in the end (and sometimes unexpectedly in the beginning). Product designers try to get rid of moving parts whenever possible because of how easily they can be damaged. Solid state drives (SSDs) have their own lifespan limitations, but they’re generally more durable and reliable because there’s no moving parts to damage and no drive motor to break.

Speed: SSD server is the fastest WordPress cloud hosting that can enhance the write and read data transfer speed and make the website load lightning fast, which means less heat buildup too. There are also speed benefits related to a lack of fragmentation, and other solid state qualities.

The Advantages of SSDs 5

Mobility: SSDs are smaller and lighter than HDDs. This makes it possible to create today’s ultra-thin laptops, tablets, and other mobile devices. The thinnest devices are putting the SSDs right onto the motherboard. That means upgrading is out of the question, but it help laptops, smartphones, and tablets reach their razerthin profiles.

The Advantages of SSDs 6

Low failure rates: Despite early concerns, SSDs malfunction less often than HDDs. This is do to widespread material improvements and features like ECC, or error-correcting code, that keep SSDs on the right path.

Size and Design: SSDs can come in many different shapes and sizes, depending on how many chips they have and how those chips are arranged. This makes them much more versatile than alternatives.

Longer lifespan: Every SSD has a lifespan that’s limited by wear on the drive’s ability to properly store the electrical charges sent to it. Luckily, the lifespan of most drives can be measured in decades, at least under normal use.

The Advantages of SSDs 7

SSDs Hosting Price: The cost of SSD server hosting per Gigabyte of data storage is approximately 2-3 times higher than the HDD hosting service. For example, the best SSD hosting company, BigDomain is offering 30 GB for RM129/Month. This pricing is worth for the busy business site. 

The Advantages of SSDs 8

If you specifically have an E-commerce business site or an active blog with thousands of daily visitors, then getting a fast SSD hosting would help you beat your competitors by boosting your website speed.


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