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Justin Bieber ranked 6. Who is number 1?

Number 10: HolaSoyGerman

38 millions subscribers

Germán Garmendia is known for his HolaSoyGerman and JuegaGerman YouTube channels. He is a Chilean YouTuber and comedic content creator. Besides, he has a music band called Ancud. As of 2019 his main YouTube channel is the most subscribed in the Spanish language.

Number 9: Dude Perfect

41 millions subscribers

Dude Perfect is an American sportsentertainment group from Frisco, Texas which routinely uploads videos to YouTube. The most popular content created by Dude Perfect consists primarily of videos depicting various trick shots and stunts cut together and set to an upbeat music.

Number 8: WWE

41 millions subscribers

WWE known as World Wrestling Entertainment. An American integrated media and entertainment company that is primarily known for professional wrestling show. WWE has also branched out into other fields, including movies, real estate, and various other business ventures.

Number 7: Cocomelon-Nursery Rhymes

43 millions subscribers

It specialises in 3D animation videos of both traditional nursery rhymes and their own original children’s songs, one of the famous children’s song is “Bath Song” maintained by American company Treasure Studio Inc.

Number 6: Justin Bieber

44 millions subscribers

Baby~ Baby~Baby~ Ohhhhhh! Yea! A young Canadian singer-songwriter who named Justin Bieber with his single “baby” was a commercial success, peaking at number one in France and Scotland.  

Number 5: SET India

45 millions subscribers

SET India knowns as Sony Entertainment Television India is a 24-hour Hindi-language general entertainment television channel that provides hours of content for the entire family — if your family enjoys Indian entertainment. 

Number 4: Canal KondZilla

48 millions subscribers

Konrad Cunha Dantas, otherwise known as KondZilla, is a Brazilian music video producer, director, and writer who has directed over 700 music videos. His YouTube channel, which Dantas started in 2012, has more than 48 million subscribers and over 23 billion views.

Number 3: 5-Minute Crafts

53 millions subscribers

Created in 2016, the channel is relating to crafts and life hacks styled in DIY and  how to formats. As of April 2019, the channel has received over 12 billion video views and ranks as the third most-subscribed on YouTube.

Number 2: T-Series

93 millions subscribers

A popular Indian music company with 93 million subscribers and 2.7 billion monthly views, making it the second most-subscribed and the most-viewed YouTube channel in the world.

Number 1: PewDiePie

93 millions subscribers

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, known as PewDiePie, is a Swedish gamer- commentator and YouTuber which mainly consists of Let’s Play commentaries, vlogs, and comedic formatted shows. Since 2013, his channel has become the most subscribed channel on YouTube, and he’s keeping his position till now.


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